23 thoughts on “How To Track Android Phone Without App

    1. satyenhacks Post author

      Follow the methods described. If you installed any tracking app then you need to check the apps website to see the features they are providing to track your app.

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  2. Darin Rose

    My cell phone was dropped in Wells Fargo bank and my cell phone is still on and im tying to get it back but I didn’t set the tracking App on my Samsung 7 is there any way you can pull up an address to where my cell is the cell number is 707 656 5300 and my temporary cell phone is 707 635-3912… City of Vallejo, California.

  3. Daniela Duarte

    Will my phone still have the option of ringing for 5 minutes even if my battery is dead?
    I pressed the button to ring and I still cant hear it nor find my cellphone in the house


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