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Update: 17 December 2017 “How to track my lost or stolen Android phone or mobile?” is one of the questions that 80% of the android users have in their mind around the world. Google Android Operating system is one of the most used OS in phones around the world. It covers more than 80% of the market. There are thousands of people who lose their mobile everyday and few more thousands people whose mobiles get stolen. Android mobile can be tracked with apps and without apps as well. The best way is to simply ask Google when you are signed in “Where is my phone” or “Find my phone”. It will directly come up with great results.

In both the cases, it’s quite hard to find the Android phone if you don’t know the right way. It’s even more hard if you never signed into your phone with your Google account. Whenever you setup your device for the first time, it asks for Google account id and password. In case you skipped it and never signed back manually then it’s going to be harder to get your Android phone back. Upon searching find my phone Google gives a result which will take you to our first method which is android device manager website.

There are normally two ways to find your lost Android phone. The first method is locate your phone with the help of tracking app and second method is to find your android phone without tracking app. We are going to show both ways as how can you do it for yourself.

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To Find Your iPhone : How to Track iPhone using Find My iPhone App?

You can track and find your iPhone using Apple’s find my iPhone app which is available for free on app store. You can even find macbook and iPad using find my iPhone app. All the apple devices can be tracked via iCloud website as well. If you or any one of your friends lost the apple device then you can tell them to track via find my iPhone app or iCloud website.

Let’s have a look as how you can track,locate and find your Android phone via various methods.

1.  Google’s Android Device Manager ( Find My Device App)

It’s the official tool from Google to track your android phones and tablets by signing in to Android Device Manager website. Once you log in using your Google account Id which you used to setup your device, you will be able to track and locate it. You need to choose among the devices on the website if there are many. Once you choose it, then it will show you the location on the map and you can perform some other functions as well.


There are some requirements before you will be able to do it :

  • Lost/Stolen Android mobiles must be connected to the Google Account.
  • Internet access to the lost android phone is must. Nothing can be done if there is no internet.
  • You must have enabled Android Device Manger to track your mobile through Google app settings.  ( Normally it’s ON by default)

If you believe that you satisfy above 3 conditions then follow the simple steps below :

  1. Log in to Google’s Android Device Manager.
  2. You will be directly able to see all your active devices.
  3. Click on your lost android phone and you will be able to see its location however Google also says location given on map is close to the accurate location. The device must be nearby somewhere.
  4. You can perform 3 actions from this website : Ring and lock your phone remotely and erase its data. ( Lock and erase must be allowed for Android Device Manager via Google app settings. It’s turned off by default. )
  5. If your device is stolen then you can contact concerned authorities to retrieve it back.
  6. If you lost it somewhere in your house, office then you can see the location in the map and you will be able to figure it out or simply ring it. 😉

ADM offers less features if compared to iPhone tracking website iCloud. In iPhone, you can get step by step direction to reach your iPhone. Google will be improving the functions of ADM in the coming days. In order to find your android tablet you have to follow the above steps only. You can find android tablet from any brand such as HTC, SONY, Micromax, Karbonn, VIVO, OPPO etc…

Now if you don’t have your laptop with you to track your Android phone then you can use your friends mobile. Simply navigate to Google Play store to download Android Device Manager App. Simply sign in as guest and provide you Google Account info to track you phone online.

In case you device is not connected to the internet or disconnected from the Google account by anyone then you will not be able to track it via android device manager.

2. Google Maps Location History


Google maps is the second easy way to know the location of your Android phone quickly. Through Google maps location history, you can track you phone and know its location. Using this way, you can easily find you android device. Even if the location is not accurate, you will come to know as where your device possibly can be.

There are few things which needs to be done before you can use this method :

  • Device must be connected to the Google Account.
  • Internet access must be present in the lost/stolen device.
  • Location reporting and history features must be enabled in Google app settings on your device.

If you satisfy the above criteria then you can Google maps location history. It’s not actually used for tracking down your mobile but its used to locate your lost phone as well as to see the previous locations of your android device. Follow the steps below to use it :

  1. Visit Google Maps Location History.
  2. Click on today’s date.
  3. Click “Show timestamps” just below the calendar.
  4. Now you will be able to see different locations where device was registered.
  5. To see the last available location, you need to click on the latest timestamps.

Now using timestamps, you can check out the places where you phone appeared more than 2-3 times. You can easily track your mobile if you are smart or let the authorities do for you. 

3. Using AirDroid

AirDroid is another great alternative which offers similar features to android device manager. However AirDroid also provides some great features beside lock,wipe,erase and taking pictures from camera.

Airdroid Android tracker

We have lot of documents and pictures on our phone. If it’s gets stolen and we don’t have them on cloud then it becomes a problem. We can loose important documents and pics. This is where AirDroid is really effective as it provides a great functionality of uploading everything on the web remotely. 

Here are few great features offered by AirDroid:

  1. Upload your important documents and images on the web from your AirDroid account before you wipe your phone. The thief will never know that something is going on.
  2. You can click real time pics from camera. You can initiate both front and rear camera to see where is it and who’s using it. You can click pictures and can save it in your pc.
  3. Screenshot functionality is present in AirDroid so that you can try to catch thief by writing something which can help you in identifying him.

You can use AirDroid for free as well as $20/year version. There are certain conditions. Check on the official website.

4. Family Locator

Family locator is an app created by Life360. It keeps a collective of your family and friends and you can track their location via your iPhone or iPad. If someone ever loses their phone in the group that you have created then you can tell them the location of their phone. You can also control who can find you and your iPhone. Family locator app is a people finding app rather than device finding app. 

As Family locator app isn’t a device finding app it lacks some advanced features being provided by other anti-theft apps such as device wiping or remote lock. 

Family locator is one of the best app for parents who want to track their children movement through their smartphone. Simply download it and start using. 

Family Locator app

5. McAfee Antivirus and Security

McAfee is an award winning software which is best known for being an antivirus but it also keeps track of your smartphone. It comes with a trial option for 7 days. You can have it on your phone for $30/year subscription. You will get full features which includes full anti-theft protection, anti-virus protection plus data backup. You should give it a try. 

Mcafee anti-theft app

6. Kaspersky Mobile Security

Kaspersky is also mainly known for anti virus features. Kaspersky provides this mobile security app which is loaded with tons of features such as remote lock, remote wipe, device tracking via GPS, wi-fi, Google maps even if the thief removed your SIM. Anything unwanted calls, messages can be blocked via this phone. You can hide certain features and information using this app from your friends and family. It will help you find android phone. 

Kaspersky Mobile Security

Beside these, there are number of anti-theft apps available on Google play store. Let’s look at some of the best apps for anti-theft which have helped people find their android phones. 

( Below 5 apps must be pre-installed on phone to access all the features of these apps. )

1. Bitdefender Anti-Theft Mobile


Bitdefender anti-theft app is one of the best apps available in the market. It function just like Android Device manager app but does few more things. Here are some functions of this app-

  • Whenever SIM card is changed, you will be notified about it on your another given number. 
  • You can force phone to call you via SMS feature.
  • You can also force your phone to pick up your next call. 
  • You can lock and erase all phone data with a single click. 

However the bitdefender app is free only for 30 days. You will have to take an annual subscription after that. Btw it’s worth the price with so many features. 

2. Cerberus


Cerberus is one of coolest anti-theft app that gives many unique features compared to other apps. The app is free for first 7 days and then you have to pay $2.99. It’s a one time fee. It’s loaded with really good features for android phone and you can easily pay one time fee to secure your phone. Below are some of the important features of this app : 

  • You can hide the apps icon so that thief will never realize that it’s installed. 
  • You can retrieve list of calls made from the phone.
  • Microphone can be turned on to hear the voice of other person. 

3. Lookout


Lookout is one of the oldest anti-theft app available on the app store. It started with few options but now it has number of functions so that it becomes easier to track down your phone or tablet. While many features are free but you have to pay fee for some advanced features. Here are some important functions being performed by the app : 

  • You will receive email when phone is turned off. 
  • You will receive email when SIM is changed. 
  • It can take pics from camera remotely. 
  • Email will come for many other functions as well and you can perform number of functions. 

4. Prey


Prey is a free app and is totally like Android device manager. The Prey service can be accessed on laptops as well. Below are some of the functions that it can perform remotely : 

  • Loud alarm can be activated. 
  • Custom message can be sent to your phone. 
  • Locate, lock and wipe the whole device. 
  • It also has features which enables it not to be uninstalled. 

There are number of other software and apps which help you find you android phone using phone’s GPS on a computer. However not every one of them is reliable and that’s why i have not listed them here. 

5. Where’s My Droid

Where is my droid

Where’s my droid is another great app which helps you in tracking your android phone. It has number of great features. It can easily find your lost android phone and can show location on the map. It’s available for free on the Google play store. If you want pro features to protect your phone then you need to pay $4 for it. Here are some of the interesting features of Where’s my Droid:

  1. Gives GPS location of android phone on map.
  2. Using a customer word, you can make your phone ring loudly.
  3. You will get an email if SIM card on your phone is changed.
  4. You can hide text on android phone by using a custom set word remotely.
  5. You can also make a custom list of people who can send you text. It’s also done by sending a custom word set by you.
  6. You can click pictures remotely and flash can be activated as well.
  7. You can lock and wipe the phone using your computer or by sending a text.

If you are not unable to find you location or see messages like “Location Unavailable” then probably internet is not available or it has been turned off by the thief. In such cases, you have to wait till the internet is turned on by the person having your phone. Your misplaced cell can only be tracked if internet is available in it. There is no way without it. We also suggest you to notify authorities in case your phone is stolen and you found it using any one of the methods above. 

If your phone is really costly and you are very serious about finding it then there is another way. If you know the IMEI number of your android phone then you can lodge a FIR with the local police. Once your android phone comes into use by someone else after few days then it can be tracked easily by police. They can even track the location of the phone and find it. It’s just a piece of cake for authorities. Make sure you give the correct IMEI number to them. 

The above things can be used for android phones such as Samsung Galaxy Ace, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Moto G, Moto X, Moto E, Moto turbo, Micromax mobiles models such as A111, A116, A210,A91,A250,A87,A57,A27,A35, Canavas Series, Karbonn mobiles such as A25,A15,A1,Titanium Series, A30,A21, Lava mobiles, HTC, Sony Xperia, Lenovo, Xiomi, Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy Grand, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Samsung Galaxy Core, Samsung Galaxy S4 mini, Samsung Galaxy Neo, Moto Maxx etc. The best way to to start tracking your phone is by typing find my phone and clicking on the first result given by Google.

If this article is helpful then share it with your friends and family members and let them know the methods before their phone gets lost or stolen. =D

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    1. satyenhacks Post author

      Hey Manjesh,

      First follow the methods described in the article. If you installed any 3rd party app then you need to see their website for tracking features which can locate your mobile to the last known location or the current location. Contact Lava customer care with IMEI no. they might track the phone once it is switched back on by someone.

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      Follow the methods and website of 3rd party apps that you must have installed to check if you can track it down.

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          Not having internet on phone is a real problem. Probably you can track it via IMEI no. if you have and you need to file a police complaint for it.

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    1. satyenhacks Post author

      The apps should be installed immediately after purchasing the phone. Most of us don’t do that. The last thing you can do is to check via Android Device Manager as explained. If that doesn’t help then chances are very less that you will find it.

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    I had my bag stolen and my phone was in it and I can’t track it as I don’t know my emei number. What do I do to find it as I would like to get it back

  70. Virender Kumar

    I have lost my “Lenovo Vibe K5 Note” on 1.3.2017. I have get blocked my sim through my service provider and lodged an FIR. On 8.3.2017, Android Device Manager site says about that phone – “Last synced: Today at 11:18 AM (3 hours ago)” and “location is not available”. Can I hope that police will help me in getting back my mobile.

    1. satyenhacks Post author

      Yes, police can track IMEI no. If someone else uses your phone they will come to know and can track the phone.

  71. showkat ahmed wani

    hi I have my lost mobile phone and ime no. is 911524852233862 911524852233870 can someone please help me

  72. Grace

    It would be helpful if I didn’t need a text from my lost phone to get onto my google account from another phone.

  73. kavita

    i lost my lenovo vibe k5 note on 19.4.2017 please find my phone its imei no is 861808037579855 imei2 is 861808037579863 please please help to find my phone

  74. Michell Lazare

    My phone LG G5 was taken and I have several apps on it to locate my device. The problem is I used Android device manager from my tablet to search for my phone and it located the device but before I could go look for it the battery died now it says location unavailable is there a way to retrieve the last know location. Ive try from my tablet which is also linked to the app but it only shows me location of that device even though it also has that my LG G5 was also logged on with the app. Can anyone help me I really would like to find to get my sim card which has some sensitive documents on it. Ex My credit cards numbers and access information in the contact folder and my device wasn’t locked although I did press remote lock from the Android Device Manager but I don’t know if it was actually locked. You can send info to put subject locate LG G5

  75. Michell Lazare

    Hi my name is Michell My phone LG G5 was taken and I have several apps on it to locate my device. The problem is I used Android device manager from my tablet to search for my phone and it located the device but before I could go look for it the battery died now it says location unavailable is there a way to retrieve the last know location. Ive try from my tablet which is also linked to the app but it only shows me location of that device even though it also has that my LG G5 was also logged on with the app. Can anyone help me I really would like to find to get my sim card which has some sensitive documents on it. Ex My credit cards numbers and access information in the contact folder and my device wasn’t locked although I did press remote lock from the Android Device Manager but I don’t know if it was actually locked.

  76. Misteremm

    I, am Mayowa from Nigeria and my Samsung Galaxy S6 For 2 Weeks now along with my Laptop and wrist watch, but all effort to track it has been in vain. Phone hasn’t been on since it was stolen Pls does anyone know how to track a phone with only IMEI No…. Call this number
    Or email me on



  78. Mani

    I lost the my mobile please tracking my mobile please rekavari please give me
    My address suvartma vari street kavail nellore (disk)
    My mobile number 7386771914

  79. sandipta sarkar

    lost my mobile coolpad note5
    fdd lte;850mhz/1800mhz/2100mhz
    tdd lte;2300mhz
    imei 1 ;911533257377356
    imei 2;911533259377354


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