5 Best Apps for Free Music Downloads for Android

There are many things you can do with your android device and without a doubt playing music with them is one of the best ways to enjoy your device. Unfortunately, many android devices don’t come with very good music apps that let you download free music online. If you love music like I do, you will constantly be searching online for newest hit songs to spice up your day. However, finding free music can be a little difficult that’s why we have come up with the list of apps that delivers free music to your android device without paying for it. With these apps, you can enjoy the best hit tracks, latest songs and music from your favorite artistes for free.

There are number of apps that claims they let you play and download free music on Play Store but most of them are just hoax, so we have take away the chaffs to bring you the best free music player apps for android device.

Here Are The Best Apps For Free Music Downloads For Android

  1. 4Shared Music

Personally, I love this music app; I have been using it for some time now without any problem so far. 4Shared music app is very awesome, it allows you to download and stream any music you will want to have on your device for an offline playback for free. You can search, play or download any music you want using this app from 4Shared. The app lets you search songs by their title, artist, and genre of the song or a combination of different category to get the results you are looking for.

You can play the song before downloading to make sure it’s the track you need, you can as well download any song you want by simply clicking and holding down the title of the song and select the “Download” option when it appears.

4Shared gives you 15GB free to store your favorite songs and stream them on the go. You also have the option to create and manage playlists of your favorite songs with this app.

4Sharedmusic have been installed by more than 50,000,000 android users. It has a file size of 9.1M with over 6 million tracks you can download and currently boast of 4.4 stars ratings on Google Play.

  1. RockMyRun

Another great app popular among android users for downloading free music is RockMyRun. If you love party or simply need a very good music to lift your spirit while you workout then you need to download and install RockMyRun on your android device. This app lets you download music for offline playback and most importantly it delivers DJ-mixed playlists for workout soundtracks.

The app lets you filter the playlist length in order to match your workout, you can also adjust your BPM to your heart rate or simply use MyBeat feature to change the tunes automatically to suit your current activity. This app is so awesome, with features that come from it that let you play music that match your current state or activities.

RockMyRun has over 100,000 from Play Store, with file size of 41M and about 4.4 stars rating.

  1. Google Play Music

Google having their own music app is not unimaginable, after all they own YouTube, Play Store and other favorite apps you use online. Google music app is in fact a very good one that regularly offers free songs and album for music lovers to download for offline playback for free. Google Play Music app is one of the top apps for downloading free music you can get on Play Store. You can install the app and begin downloading your favorite music immediately

You can load up to 20,000 songs to the app which you can listen to on the internet or offline. It gives you the option of streaming the music directly or downloading them to your different android devices. You can download the music in different format too.

Google Play Music has had over a billion installation from the Play Store, the size of the app varies with your device and it ratings is approximately 4.0 in the Play Store.

  1. Spotify

Spotify has been music app for those who can afford to pay for it however, sometime last year, they updated their android app to allow android users to listen to music for free. It has more than 20 million songs selected from the tracks of best artists all over the world. This app lets you listen to music on the free version; you can also create your own playlists or listen to playlists that your friends created. The only turn off about using this app is that you have to listen to their ads as well but this is no big deal.

The app has had over a billion installations from the Play Store with about 4.5 stars ratings. The size of the app varies according to your device.

  1. Music Maniac

Music Maniac is another great app android users can use to download or stream MP3 directly to their mobile devices. You can simply search any song you’re looking for with their title or using the artist name. One great future I love about Music Maniac search results is that it makes it easier for you to select the right tune by displaying the complete information of the song, which also includes the album name and the name of the artist.

For each song you searched for in Music Maniac; you have the option to either stream the audio directly or simply download it to your device for an offline playback later. This app also has a complete functional music player where you can be able to listen to the songs you have downloaded for free any time you like.

This app is fairly new but has already had more than a million installations.