5 Ways To Unblock YouTube Videos At School or Organization

Youtube is one of the most popular video streaming website. Users upload thousands of video every day on different topics. You can literally find a video on any topic that you can think of. Due to popularity of Youtube, it’s blocked at many places such as school, companies and different organisations. People like Youtube very much and they will continue to watch videos even in their working time. Schools have computer labs with internet access. If they don’t block Youtube and alternatives then children will surely watch videos in their lab time.

Sometimes it’s necessary to watch a Youtube video on a certain topic in order to learn a trick or method to solve a problem. So we are going to tell you few important ways to unblock youtube in your school or organisations. School and organisations block these websites in order to save bandwidth and adhere to their policies. In order to unblock youtube, you have to bypass school/organisation firewall which prevents you from opening multiple websites.

We will use all possible methods to unblock Youtube. You should try them all to see which one works best for you. There is a chance that you will be able to access a proxy site or can run a proxy/VPN software on your laptop in your school/company. Try all the methods explained below to unblock youtube. We have tested the below method extensively on Windows PC. However in one way or another, you can use these methods on Android, iOS and Macbook.

Here are no of methods to unblock Youtube in School/university/organisation/company:

1. Use Virtual Private Network to Unblock Youtube

VPN or virtual private network is one of the most used method to access any blocked website using Youtube. VPN is a method in which you get connected to a remote network and use its resources to access blocked websites. As you are not using the resources of your network it won’t be able to detect that you have opened Youtube, Facebook or any other blocked website. Overall, VPN encrypts your data and let’s you browser all blocked websites.

Express VPN

Express VPN is considered one of the best VPN out there in the market. It totally encrypts your data and let’s you browser blocked Youtube in your school/organisation. It doesn’t store any information about you because of its strong policy. The download and upload speed of Express VPN is also very good. It hides the IP address of computer that you are using. Your network administrator and firewall will never know whats going on.

Express VPN Youtube


IPVarnish provides really good VPN service. Download and upload speeds are really good on their network. You can unblock youtube at your place or any other geo restricted website using IPVarnish. It encrypts all the information of your machine and you can browse your favorite website without any tension.


NordVPN is one of the cheapest VPN out there which you can use. You can use its premium services at a very cheap rate. It lets you browse blocked youtube and other blocked websites anonymously and securely. It encrypts all your information, provides a strong policy while you access the website when VPN is turned ON.

2. Unblock Youtube using Plugins and Browser Add-ons

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox offers a lot of plugin and browser add-ons which you can use to access blocked youtube in your school/organisation. These plugins are like proxy softwares or VPN services which you can use right from your browser. You don’t need to install a software on your computer. You simply need to install the mentioned plugin or add on to access blocked website. Use the plugins mentioned below.


ProxyTube is browser add-on in Mozilla Firefox that lets you change the geographical area. Once you change the area before opening the Youtube then you can access Youtube without any hassle and watch any video. One of the main things is that it doesn’t gives you many notifications while you browse your favorite website.

ProxyTube for Youtube


Ultrasurf is one of the most popular plugin on Google chrome that you can use to unblock Youtube and other restricted website. Open Google chrome and go to their official plugin page. Search for Ultrasurf and install it. Once you install it then turn it ON. It will say connected and now you can open any blocked website on your computer in your school/college.


Stealthy is yet another great plugin for Google Chrome which lets you unblock Youtube to watch your favorite video in your school. You can install this plugin to access any restricted website based on geographical location. It’s user friendly.

Stealthy Youtube


Hola is a kind of VPN with many services. It also provides ad blocker, accelerator, GPS locator and web browser. You can also unblock Youtube and access other restricted websites using Hola. You can use any location on the globe to access blocked webpage. It’s ad free.

Hola unblock youtube

Unblock Youtube using Proxy Websites

There are tons of proxy websites on internet through which you can access any websites anywhere. These websites provide their own servers on which blocked websites open. You can access blocked youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, Gmail and many other restricted websites through these proxy sites. Some of the most popular proxy sites to unblock Youtube are kproxy.com, hidemyass.com proxysite.com etc… You have to open the proxy site in your web browser such as Google chrome, firefox or safari. Then you have to enter the banned websites that you want to browse. Here are some popular websites mentioned below.


Kproxy is one of the most popular websites to unblock Youtube and other restricted websites. You need to enter the URL in the space on the website to access the website. Kproxy.com will choose the best server according to the ping to serve you the blocked website on your browser. You must try Kproxy. Kproxy also provides chrome extension to use.

Kproxy unblock youtube


Proxysite is yet another proxy website to browse blocked websites in your school or organisation. You can go to proxysite.com and enter the URL address of the blocked website. You can also choose the server according to the ping or your location. You can easily watch videos on Youtube without any blockage through this website.

proxysite open youtube


Filterbypass is yet another free proxy website to access all the restricted website in a school or organisation. It provides unrestricted usage and browsing of restricted websites. You can easily enjoy videos on Youtube by using FilterBypass website. You can also access other websites such as Dailymotion, facebook etc…

filterbypass youtube

4. Use Web Browsers to Unblock Youtube

There are many web browsers which act as proxy browsers and they let you access restricted website within themselves. You can install below mentioned internet browser on your laptop and browse your favorite website. It will also unblock Youtube.


Tor is one of the most popular web browser for surfing blocked websites like Youtube and Facebook. It’s a secure internet browser which hides your IP address to allow you to access anything online. You can download the TOR browser for free but you need administrative privileges to install it. You can’t install it on your school computer. You can install it on your laptop and use it.

tor browser to unblock youtube

Opera Internet Browser

Opera is an old internet browser which has introduced in built VPN connection settings. You simply need to turn on the VPN settings and it will let you access any restricted website on computer at school/university or organisation. You can also browse Youtube using VPN at school. Download the opera browser for free from its official website.

5. Unblock Youtube using Google Translate

You can easily unblock youtube at school in many places using Google Translate services. You need to open the Youtube.com in Google translate and change the language from any other to English. As Google translate is not blocked in school computers/organisation, you can browse Youtube inside it. Go to https://translate.google.com and type in youtube.com. Change language from Arabic to English and hit enter. It will open Youtube in no time. You can now enjoy your favorite video.

These are best 5 ways to unblock Youtube at school/organisation. There are few services through which you can download any Youtube video and watch it on computer. Search for your favorite music video on Google. Copy the URL of the youtube shown. Now enter this URL into any youtube downloading website. There are tons of the them on internet. It will download the video and you can watch it offline.

There are many other apps and methods that we tried, however above listed worked best for us. You should try them one by one to see which one works best at your school/organisation.

If you know any other method/app, do tell us in the comments.