7 Best Tasker Profiles for Android Phone

One cool thing with android is that it allows you to customize it anyway you want it without almost any restrictions. Perhaps this has been the reason why android operating system has remained ahead of chasing packs including Apple IOS and other operating system. Almost eight out of every new device that comes out every day runs on android system.

One of the best way to customize your android device is to set up your Tasker profile, if you don’t know what Tasker is yet, it is one of those apps that lets you automate almost anything on your android. Yea, it is really an awesome app. For example, it will tell you your battery is about to die before it does, it can rotate your screen to your set preference when you open YouTube app, and it can even disable your lock screen when you are at home.

tasker profile

Tasker makes using android device fun; it triggers action on your device using your phone arrangements, your location, time, gesture and others. Most people that are just starting out with Tasker may find it overwhelming, but don’t worry; if you are among this category, this article will give you some of the best Tasker profiles for android and how to set them up.

Download Tasker from Google Play.

  1. Put Your Phone In Silent Mode By Turning Your Phone Upside Down

This is one of the most useful profiles of Tasker profile especially if you are in a meeting or class. You can easily put your ringer off by just turning it upside down instead of the long distracting process of doing it manually.

Here are the steps – 

  • In the Profile, select “State”, > “Sensor”, > “Orientation” and select “Face Down” from the menu that will appear
  • Create new task. Click on the add “+” icon, > audio > Silent mode. Select “Vibrate” or “On”
  • That’s it. The next time you are in class, simply turn your phone upside down to stop it from ringing.

2. Battery Saving Mode When Battery Is Low On Your Android

This profile will allow Tasker to save some battery for you when you battery is low by setting a battery saver mode on your android device.

Here are the steps – 

  • From the profile, select “State” > “Power”. Select “Battery Level” and then choose the desire range such as from 0-20
  • Create a new task, Click on the add “+” icon, Choose “Net”, then auto sync off, turn Bluetooth off, Wi-Fi off and Mobile data off
  • Next time your battery is running low, Tasker will help you save some battery for your important calls.
  1. Night Mode Or Quiet Time

After a hard day work, you deserve an interrupted night rest or some quiet time; you can also save some battery while you are at it.

Here are the steps – 

  • From the profiles, select “+” icon, > Select time for your night mode for instance 24:00 – 06:00
  • Create a new task, then click on the add “+” icon
  • Then locate the “Audio” and set Silent mode ON or Vibrate
  • Finally, go to “Net” and turn OFF auto sync and Wi-Fi

Now, you can have a good night rest.

  1. Launch Your Apps Serially

We all have our routine of how we check our phone in the morning. Personally, once I woke up, I prefer to check on my missed calls first, then my emails and the good old Facebook. If you have a pattern you follow, you can make this easier for yourself by automating it with Tasker to launch these apps one after another.

Here are the steps

  • From the Profile, go to “Applications” and select the first app you usually open first
  • Create a new task and click on the add “+” icon. Choose “App” and then select “Launch App”.
  • Now select the second app that you want to open when you are done with the first app
  • Finally, long press the later app name and click the option that says “move to exit”.

Now, the next thing you wake up, your phone does the job for you.

  1. Send Emergency Text

We are back to battery problem once more, this profile will allow you to text your friends or contacts when your battery is about to die.

Here are the steps

  • From the profile, select “State” > Power > Battery Level” Select the range battery will reach before the text got sent say 5 to 0%.
  • Create a new task, Click on the add “+” > Phone > send >SMS> Then add the number of the receiver.

Now you can’t keep your friend waiting again because of a low battery problem.

  1. Start Playing Music When Headphones Are Plugged

No need trying to play your music manually after inserting your headphones to your device again. This profile will play music automatically to your desired volume level once you insert your headphones

Here are the steps

  • From the profile, select “State” > “Hardware” > “Headset Plugged” > Any
  •  Create a new task, click on the add “+” icon, select “App” > “Launch app” > Now select your favorite music player app

Note: You may require to install media utilities plugin before you can play music automatically.

  1. Shake Your Phone To Turn On Flash Light

I know how scary dark places can get, having your android smartphone at hand is a good way to dispel the darkness, but when you need to find something quick, it usually takes forever trying to turn on the flashlight manually. However, with Tasker, you can now turn on your flashlight by shaking your phone

Here are the steps

  • First download Tesla Led Plugin from Google Play store so that this can work.
  • Now, when you are done with that, Go to profile, > Event > Sensor > Shake > Choose your preference
  • Create a new task > click on the add “+” icon > Third party > TeslaLed> make changes here as you deem fit


Tasker lets you automate almost anything you can imagine on your android device. It is really a very powerful and helpful app you need for your device. Do check our best android tips and free music downloads for android post.