ADP Login MyCard – ADP Portal Login – ADP Employee Sign in Guide

Now a days online shopping requires payment via credit cards, debit cards or directly through internet netbanking. However there is a new trend going on now a days. You can pay for your order using prepaid cards. Prepaid cards are similar to credit cards issued by bank. However prepaid cards are not issued by any bank but they are being offered by 3rd party companies. Prepaid cars are getting very popular due to their advantages over credit cards. Many banks and authorised financial institutions have started issuing prepaid cards for their customers. You should enquire about getting prepaid cards from your bank.

Prepaid cards and credit cards are 2 different things. You don’t need to confuse both of them. Prepaid cards act like credit cards but they are not credit cards. In reality they are actually different. We are going to discuss about ADP Login Portal Page and check ADP status online with ADP Workforce Now Login page. Many banks and financial institutions have tied up with 3rd party companies like MyCard to issue prepaid cards. They issue prepaid cards on their name. As most of the financial companies support prepaid cards, you can apply for prepaid card using ADP Payroll long and can check the status of your ADP Card.

Many people still don’t know how to apply for ADP MyCard online. They don’t know about ADP login process. We are going to tell you that how you can easily access ADP login to MyCard. You will access it through ADP Login online page. ADP card can be used for online shopping on many online shopping websites. Consider prepaid cards just like your debit card or credit card which you use for daily online shopping. Many banks issue digital prepaid card which you can get in real time through net banking. Bank will provide you 16 digit number, expiry date and CVV number that you can use on websites for online shopping. You should enquire with your bank for digital prepaid cards.


You can check your pay, W2 tax claims, check ALINE card details and transactions using ADP Self Service Portal Login. You can also check program benefits once you login to ADP portal. There are many things that you can access using ADP login to MyCard.

Online shopping is increasing day by day. In fact at many places online shopping is affecting retail shop owners. People are more inclined towards shopping for cheaper products online. They can easily get discount on products which are highly priced in local markets. It barely takes time as you search for your favorite product, add it to cart and make your payment via credit card/debit card or netbanking. Prepaid are getting more popular for making payments online. You should get your own MyCard using ADP login portal.

MyCard ADP is a prepaid card offered by VISA. VISA is very big company providing all kinds of debit cards/credit cards and prepaid cards. Payroll cards are offered to providers employees. Prepaid cards can be easily used as credit card/debit cards. You need to register and activate your ADP Aline Card when you get it for the first time. You can activate your ADP Aline Card using any browser on your laptop or mobile.


Every providers employee must have ADP login user ID and password to check their ADP card balance. You need to register on their website to get your USER ID and Password to ADP login.

How Prepaid Card Works?

First of all you should understand how credit card works. Suppose you have credit card $500K limit. You used your credit card for online shopping on a shopping website. Someone hacks that website and your credit card data is leaked. If someone get access to it then they can actually use your credit card till the $500K limit expires. Before you realize the fraud and block your credit card, they will use all the funds.

In order to avoid such situations, you must use prepaid cards. Prepaid cards work like credit cards/debit cards. You have to load some money into these cards. Suppose you transfer $10K into your ADP prepaid card. Now you used it for online shopping. If your data is leaked somewhere and someone uses your prepaid card details for shopping or any other thing then you will loose only $10K max. You won’t loose $500K in case of credit cards.

Transfer some cash into your prepaid card and use it till it expires and then load it again using your credit card or net banking. This way you can avoid any kind of fraud of credit cards. You must get your ADP MyCard prepaid card.

What’s ADP Aline Card ?

ADP Aline card is a prepaid card with little difference. It’s provided to the employees by their companies. Consider it as an agreement through which employees get access to ADP Aline card which they use for online shopping across the word. ADP Aline card is backed by financial services and payroll system of particular companies which are using it. Few Aline cards are connected to bank account and allows users to use it anywhere. You can use it for online payment on any website across the world for purchasing of products.


Follow the below steps to get registered on ADP login page and check your card balance.

  1. Go to ADP’s official website and click on register now.

2. Type ELHC Register into registration code on next screen.

3. Fill other required fields in step 2, step 3, step 4, step 5.

4. Remember your user ID and Password and answer to security questions. It’s required incase you ever forget your password.

5. Click on Review and Submit in step 7.

6. You can now login in ADP login portal using USER ID and Password that you created.

These were the simple steps to login to ADP login portal, ADP workforce now login and ADP iPay Login to register. In case you forget your password then you can use forgot password option on first screen to reset your password.