Android Phone Getting Hot? Fix it Now.

Is your phone started getting too much hot? Does your android phone get so hot that it shows you warning and power off itself? Sometime it feels like it’s going to burn your hand. It happens to many android phone users. Sometime it’s a software problem and sometimes it’s a hardware problem. Most of the times it’s the usage problem from the android phone user. They overload it too much and it starts getting hot. May be there are too much apps running and causing this problem. There is a chance that you played a game which uses heavy graphics and it started the phone heating problem.

First of all you should know that phone heating is a very common problem and you should not get worried about it. It happens with almost all phones and not just android. It can happen with iPhone and other software mobile phones. 

We are going to list some of the reasons and solutions as how to fix your android phone getting hot. You should read it one by one to find exact heating problem of your phone and its solution.

You should know – Every Phone Gets Hot

Cell phones are electronics item after all. They tend to get hot every now and then. You should not get too much worried about it getting hot. If your cell phone is getting too much hot to the extent that it can damage itself or anything around it then it’s a real problem and you should fix it as soon as possible. You should try to find out small overheating problems like over charging, too much usage, long duration games, too much apps in the background, under the pillow. You can fix these without any help. 

Around 90% of the cell phones are based on Android operating system so the whole problem fixing will be mainly targeted towards users with android cell phones. However the below fixes can be applied to other phones getting hot as well. It will fix phone getting hot problem. First of all you should find out the exact heating problem of your cell phone. Let’s find out. 

Pinpoint the exact heating problem of cell phone

Did you ever tried to find out the exact heating area of your cell phone? There is a chance that heating problem is just in a single area rather than whole cell phone getting hot. People report that their screen is getting hot or battery is getting hot or the back cover is getting too much hot. You should know the exact heating problem of your phone. Let see some of the reasons which are too common for most of the people. 

Cell Phones screen becomes too hot

Cell phones screen tend to get warm upon long usage. However if you cell phone display screen becomes too hot or too warm then it indicates a problem of the cell phone. The touch screen isn’t designed to support too much overheating. It can create problems with the cell phone touch ability. You need to fix screen heating problem immediately. 

Cell Phones back becomes too hot

Cell phone back getting hot is the most common problem with people. As they hold the phone in their palm the only thing that seems hot is the back of the android phone. It’s not necessary that it’s the back thats creating the heating problem. There can be other reasons behind it. 

Cell phones becoming hot at the back is normally created by a heating battery. If the battery gets too hot while charging then your cell phone back seems to be too hot. Sometimes it’s too hot to hold in the hand. You can remove the back cover of the android phone to check if the battery is hot. 

If battery is getting hot then you should try to fix the overheating problem of the battery. There are many tools and apps available online which can tell you if there is a problem with your android battery charging. If you are unable to prevent the overheating problem of the android battery then it’s always best to change the battery. It will be a permanent solution to change the defective battery of the phone. 

Bottom of phone becomes hot

If bottom of your phone gets hot while charging or at the place where charger is inserted then there must be a problem with your charging point or the charger itself. You should try a different charger. Infact you should purchase an original charger manufactured by the phone company. Most probably bottom heating problem will go away after using the original charger. 

You should never use a duplicate charger to charge your phone. Use a standard charger to avoid heating problem of your phone. If the heating problem didn’t go away even after using the original charger then you need to look for few more things listed below. 

Cell Phone heats up due to speaker

Sometimes the phone gets heat up at the speaker area which causes a major problem while speaking because it’s get too hot to hold it on the ear. It can cause burn and irritation on the ear. It simply indicates that there is a major problem with your android phone and it should be checked immediately. 

Other Heating Problems

There can be other problems causing the heating problem of your phone. Most of the times it’s the charger or the battery. Battery or charger problem can be simply fixed by replacing it but other problems needs proper care or servicing.

How to Cell Phone that Keeps Overheating?

We have seen major reasons as why your android phone keeps overheating. Let’s see some of the solutions to fix overheating phone. 

Too Many Processes Running at a time

One of the most common problem of phone overheating is that too many processes are running at once in the background of your phone. Your phone has certain limitations and you should use according it. If there are too many things running at once then it will certainly cause heating problem in your phone. You should close the applications that you are not using. 

You keep installing apps over period of time. Few of these apps start running as soon as your phone powers up and they keep running in the background eating your phone ram memory. Combined with android processes running in background, it becomes too much for phone and it starts overheating. Close the applications and uninstall apps that you aren’t using too much.

Too Much Load over Long period of Time

Every android phone has certain limitations. Even though it’s one of the best operating system to handle load even with smaller memory, you need to give it time to rest in between your heavy load sessions of gaming and video watching. If you will do few things over a longer period of time then it can cause overheating of your phone. Things like heavy gaming, video watching, heavy camera activities and few other apps can cause heating problems if used for too long. 

Heavy Video Streaming

We like to watch a lot of videos on our smartphone. There is youtube, dailymotion and even videos on Facebook that we like to watch for hours. Android phones comes with all specs such as great picture quality, bigger screens and high RAM. Watching videos continuously over hours can consume a lot of battery power and it makes your phone warm. If you doesn’t have high tech specs then it will get really hot. There is a always limit and you should give your android phone some rest. 

You should also know that while watching videos over hours, there are other things running in the background which never stops. Processes such as calls, messages and data connection are always on. Combining the load of every other processes, your phone gets warm. 

Too Much Gaming

We like to enjoy playing games on our android phone. There are thousands of games available on Google play store for everyone. They are not just simple games. Many of those are really good games with great graphics and features. Games with really good graphics requires you to have a good specs phone. These games require more processing power of your phone. Many of these games require so many other resources from your phone such as data connection, access to your contact list etc.. All processes combined can heat up your phone if used for hours. 

So overall gaming for too long on your android phone isn’t going to help you with fixing hot problem. You should play games within a time limit. 

Bad Battery Problem

Heating problem is also caused by a malfunctioning or defective battery. You should check your battery from time to time if you have used the battery for long period of time. Sometimes phone battery get warped or bloated and it doesn’t sits properly inside the battery place in your phone. Such batteries aren’t good for your phone and they can cause heating problem. 

These defective batteries can pass the battery test but they should not be used. You should replace them immediately. You can find great deals on and other shopping websites. If your phone is under warranty then you can take the phone to your nearest service center to get your battery replaced. You can file a complaint that your battery isn’t working properly and phone gets heated up due to this. The phone battery will be replaced within 1-2 days. 

Hot in the Pocket

Everyone likes to keep the phone in their pocket. If the phone is kept in the pocket for too long then it start getting warmer. If you phone is heating up then you should take it out of your pocket and hold it in your hand for sometimes. It will help your phone to cool down a bit. 

Taking it out of your pocket and holding in the hand isn’t possible for your at many places such as school or workplace. You should take it out and place it in your bag or locker. It will help your phone get little breathe and it will cool down in few minutes. 

Hot in the Case

The protective back covers and cases for android phones are in fashion. People use different kinds of protective cases. Sometimes these cases can be the heating problem for your phone. Cases can protect your phone accidental fall but if it’s heating up your phone then you should remove it. You can check 2-3 times by removing it from the case. If your android phone get cooled then certainly it’s the case problem. Try using a different case or don’t use it. 

Hight Intensity Camera Activities For long time

High specs phone have camera with too many features. They can shot video and photo in different resolutions and quality. By default the phones uses the highest quality video and photo settings. These high settings can cause a heating problem if used for long period of time. You can lower down the settings in the Camera section of your phone settings. You can reset settings such as resolution, fps rate, video quality and many other things. It will surely help your phone not getting heat up. It will fix android heating up problem. 

Virus And Malware Problem

Believe it or not but viruses and malware apps installed in your phone can cause excessive heating up phone. You should install a good anti-virus on your phone. Let the anti-virus app scan and remove virus and malware problem. You should also uncheck “Allow installation of app from unknown sources” to make sure that only authentic apps get to install on your phone.

Water Damage

Overheating and power issues are one of the most common problems that are caused due to exposure of liquid to the phone. Your phone might be exposed to liquid (mainly water) either by mistake or without mistake. Sometimes phone get moisture problem just by keeping the phone in the pocket. You should check the phone for moisture and water damage. It can prevent heating up of your android phone. 

Disable unneeded features and apps

You should disable all the unneeded features and apps. These features and apps use the memory of the phone to keep them running. There are many apps which run in the background and eat phone memory. If you disable such apps and features then it will use less memory which will result in less heating of the phone. Find the apps and features that you aren’t using over a period of time and uninstall them or disable.