Top 10 Best Text Message Background Changing Apps (Android/iOS) 2019

The Android and iOS operating system comes with default background for most of the apps. The text message app in both the operating system contains default background which can’t be changed by any means. There is no setting available to change it. We get bored over time by seeing that background. Text message background settings must be given for users to change themes and background.

There are basically two ways to get rid of default text message backgrounds and themes. The first solution is to download text message background apps from play store or app store and make it your default text messaging app. These apps offers number of themes and backgrounds to keep you entertained. The next solution is to download some kind of program which can change background and theme of your default text messaging app on Android and iOS. The program will provide features inside the app through which you can change background and themes of the default messenger on your phone. We have compiled of list of text message background changing app for android/iOS 2019.

List of Text Message Background Changing Apps 2019 for Android/iOS

1. Cute SMS Texting App (Android)

Cute SMS texting app is one of the best text message background changing app on play store. With millions of downloads, this app is quite popular among android users. It provides many more features as well. The app is completely free to download from play store. It’s a powerful tool to manage SMS/MMS themes in your phone. The SMS Background Changing app comes with many designs that users can use to fine tune their messaging experience. The app also offers connection to online services such as Vault. You can take online backup of your SMS or messages. You can even download additional themes from online website to suit your needs. Download this text messaging changing app now and enjoy all its features to increase your text messaging experience.

2. Mood Messenger (Android)

Mood Messenger is one of the best and most popular text message changing app in 2019. It’s available for Android users only. For this app to work you must assign it as default text messaging app on your phone. Mood messenger app comes with a simple, elegant and beautiful designed UI interface which is divided into two part consisting of contacts and messages on other end. It comes with an array of themes and background that you can use on your messenger. It lets you upload your own pic or any other pic to set it as text messaging background. Download Mood Messenger now and have fun.

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3. EvolveSMS (Android)

EvolveSMS is one of the best apps to work with SMS. It contains a variety of themes and backgrounds for users. It comes third in our list of top 10 text messaging changing app 2019. It even offers many features which are not offered in any other SMS Background changing app. Features such as password setting, data archiving, giving two separate widgets for lock screen and home, deleting a dialog or SMS. One more important feature of this app is that you can set individual backgrounds for different contacts. It will make your SMS messaging experience even more good. Set different background for individual contacts using this app. Download EvolveSMS from play store. It’s completely free.

4. Textra

Textra is one of the most beautiful text message changing background app and that’s why it made in our top 10 list. It has a beautiful interface which is very user friendly. It comes with a ton of features. You can change background of default text messaging app. You can change background colour of text message app according to the contact. Different contacts having a different background colour is one of the great feature offered by this app. You can even change the application icon colour and save it in device background. Install this app totally free from Google Play Store and enjoy its features.

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5. Go SMS Pro

Go SMSpro is quite popular among android features as it provides extra features beside changing text message background colour and themes. Here are some of the top features of GOSMS Pro app:

1. Pop up Window for quick message reply
2. Sending SMS on Schedule
3. Blacklisting of annoying contacts
4. Huge features for customisation.

In this app you can customise almost anything and everything. You can adjust the size of the text and its colour. You can change colour of almost anything such as contacts, messages, time. You can even customise distance between lines, wallpaper and message separator. Download this free app now from play store.

6. SMS Themes 2019

SMS themes is one of the coolest app to change background colour of text messaging app. It comes loaded with tons of themes and wallpapers for your text message app. You can set themes according to your mood and contact wise. You can also set beautiful wallpapers from inside the app in the background of text. App is completely free on play store. Download it now to use all the latest themes and wallpapers 2019.

7. SMS Wallpapers and Backgrounds for Text Messaging

SMS Wallpapers is the cutest Android text message background changer available on Google play market. It also includes beautiful imaginative themes for your default text message apps. You can apply these themes on your Android phone to change overall look of the app. You can also block unwanted contacts through this app directly. Download the app from play store for free.

8. Joker SMS Theme

Joker SMS theme comes with a user friendly interface which many people like. It’s loaded with some of the best backgrounds for text message app. The whole theme is based on Joker. So you will get to see themes and backgrounds based upon that. It makes this app completely unique and it makes this app as the best text message background changing app.

9. SMS Black White Keyboard

It’s a great app which also offers a different kind of keyboard to your default text messaging app. You can type very smoothly using the apps keyboard. It also provides number of themes that you can apply to change overall look and feel of the app. Download the SMS Black White Keyboard app for unique themes, backgrounds and offcourse the Keyboard.

10. Diamond SMS Theme App

As the name suggest, you can download the free app from play store and apply its theme to give you luxurious look that adds diamonds on your phone theme. It will give a different look and feel to your phone. It’s totally free on play store. Download the app to change background colour and theme of text messaging changing app.

Conclusion: So these are top 10 best text message background changing app for Android 2019. Few of the apps above are available for iPhone as well. You have to search for that. You can now easily change colour, themes, background and overall look and feel of your text messaging app. If you know any other app then comment below so that we can include the same in the list. Share the article with you friends.