Best Battery Saver App for Android 2016

There is no doubt that any one of you reading this owns a smartphone and with that your entire world has opened to new possibilities. You now have your entire life in the palm of your hand. There is also no doubt that when your battery dies and you are not near a charger, your world stops for a second and you need to recalibrate life and figure out how to do things the old-fashioned way.

For those of us who own an Android smartphone, we know exactly how amazing it can be, but we also know what a short battery life means. We have amazing apps,, but we need the battery life to use them. As the saying goes: With great power comes great responsibility. And your responsibility is to prolong your battery life. Luckily, there is an app for that.

When it comes to battery saver apps  there is no shortage of choice. But how do you distinguish the good from the bad? You will need to look at the following when choosing:

  • Customer rating
  • Reviews
  • Functions it accesses on your device
  • Payment

All of the above will be applicable to you as user. Remember that everyone differs and that you will need to decide the above criteria for yourself. For the purposes of this article, we looked at non-paying options that have at least a 8:1 ratio for positive and negative reviews. We also looked at an app that requires minimal interaction from the user and will help itself to your battery. We also looked at how complicated the app is to handle.

Our search led us to the following:

Currently in the top-rated position on Google Playstore, this app claims to extend your battery life by up to 50%. The most impressive feature is the different saving modes you can choose from so you can customize it to your needs. The other great feature is that you can optimize at the touch of a button. It also allows for different charge modes to prolong your battery’s usage life. This app is free, but if you really like it, you can put a ring on it; the pro version is only a few bucks extra.

DU Android Battery Saver App

Here are few more battery saver apps which are currently ranking good on playstore:

  1. Battery Doctor
  2. Avast Battery Saver
  3. Battery Life Repair
  4. Go Battery Saver
  5. 2 Battery Saver

A battery saver app allows you to take control of any background processes that are running that you may not know about. Some of these background processes are necessary to keep your smartphone running in perfect condition, but sometimes you can deactivate them with no hassle. These apps are totally free to download from Google Playstore.

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Hopefully these tips will help you with your android smartphone.