7 Free Music Download Apps for Android Phone 2016

There are several free music download apps for android cell phones that are dope and highly efficient. Downloading music with these apps seems to be a preferred option to online streaming especially when you are offline. It may be that you prefer free downloads, I must tell you that there is no shame in that, in as much as it is legal.

You can download the below apps from Google play store. They are user friendly and you can start using them right away. Some require registration which is totally free and can be done in seconds. Enjoy free music download apps 2015-2016 for your Android phone. 

The following apps are the best apps for free (legal) music downloads for those using android devices, and they are as follows in no particular order:

1. 4shared Music: 4shared music has over 6 million free tracks for download in its library. 4share android app is downloadable from Google play and can be used to search the enormous database of music files. This app enables you to download as many as your favorite tracks are in MP3 file format or any other file format you may prefer. Once you download, your file is added to 4shared cloud folder which can also contain other files you may want to add, and you can start to enjoy your music offline. 4shared app is very useful in searching out tunes from classic and emerging artists.

free music android app

2. Rhapsody: Among the top ranking free music download apps for android phone is Rhapsody. With Rhapsody, you can download millions of songs offline for free. The free app has several features such as audio EQ, sleep timer, high quality audio, song radio, artist videos and so on. With Rhapsody, you can build your own playlist and add up your favorite songs for every mood. You can also play your songs based on the artist or song. You can also use the app to stream music online or to create your personal sound track.

3. Gtunes (removed from Google play): This is the new version of an old music download app know as Gtunes music download. Nothing changed with the name but the app really changed for better. It is quite faster in download than most free android music download apps. It is free as said and do not disturb users with ads. With Gtunes, you can listen to all the tunes you want and freely download tunes in batch or in single. It allows you to download directly into your android cell phone memory space.

4. MP3 Music Downloader: The MP3 music downloader is an amazing MP3 music downloader just as the name applies, that allows the user to download songs from public online sites. The good thing about this app is that it is comes with a number of mind blowing features like song preview before downloading, lyric viewer, artists, song and album information, sound equalizer for audio control, sleep timer, touch functions for skipping, quick rewind, forward, repeat and shuffle. It is definitely one of the best.

5. Google Play Music: Google has been a frontier in several web based innovations and music free music downloading is one of them. This is kind of a music marketing medium for Google but the good thing is that this app allows for free MP3 music downloads on android devices. As you use Google play music in time, you will get to prefer it over other apps because of its recommendations and modification to make your experience better.

6. Omega MP3 download (no longer available): This app is very unique when compared with other free download apps for android devices. It has two options for every user, its either you download the song to your phone or play it from the background. Searching for music with this app is a lot easier, in that it has a search option on the menu bar. With a good 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi network, you are good for a new level of free music downloading experience. Therefore, this free music download app for android phone deserves a try.

7. RockMyRun: If you would ever want to know what a perfect free music download apps for android phone is, then you need to download this app. This app which is believed to be the favorite for workout programs has several interesting features. Features such as custom built DJ mix, offline playback and simple cache it, has made it one of the best app for music downloads on android devices. With myBeat feature, you can change the tune to match you present state of mood, set the BPM to match with your heart beat rate or even set the playlist to last through your workout session.

With all these apps, you can easily download your favorite tracks within minutes and get to listen to your tunes offline on your android phone or devices. There are other good free music download apps for android phones that serve the same purpose as the ones we have mentioned. Some of them include: Spotify, Palco MP3, Anghami, Buzzinga, Pandora, Music Maniac, Tunee Music, Copyleft Music etc. All these apps have their own special features and are very good as a free android music app.