Can’t Connect to Wi-Fi on Android Phone? Fix it Now

Many people have wireless connection problems in their Android phone. They are either unable to connect or problem with staying connected with the wireless network. There can be multiple reasons for not connecting to Wi-Fi on your android phone. You can do easy troubleshooting steps to resolve your wireless connection problem on Android.

Wi-Fi is way faster and affordable than data plans offered by cellular networks. If you have Wi-Fi available in your area then you must connect to it to save cellular data and balance. Wi-Fi plans have different speed. You can choose among those plans according to your need. Depending on the nature of work you can choose 1mbps, 2 mbps, 10 mbps, or 50 mbps plan or any other. You can also access free public Wi-Fi networks. Many places such as MacD or KFC offer free Wi-Fi.

I am going to tell you some simple tips and methods which you can start doing to resolve Wi-Fi problem on your phone not connecting to Wi-Fi. Once you follow the below methods your wireless connection will work perfectly. In case it doesn’t work then we will tell some advanced troubleshooting methods to help you solve can’t connect to Wi-Fi problem.

We will start with the easy ones and head towards moderate methods.

Check Your Wi-Fi Password

If the wireless network that you are trying to connect is a secure network then you will need a password to connect. You must enter the correct password to connect to the Wi-Fi network. People often make mistakes in typing the password. You need to know that passwords are always case-sensitive. If the password has a capital letter in it then you must type the same. You can turn the capital option ON from left hand downside on your phone keyboard. Turning it ON will help you type capital letters and insert special characters. 

Check your password and check whether you are typing it correctly into the password field. Click on connect to connect to wireless network. 

The Correct Network Name

I have seen people connecting to the wrong network and entering the right password. Obviously it ain’t gonna work. Sometimes we have networks with almost similar name due to popular wireless routers around you. If the name isn’t changed on those routers then it will show you the default one. People get confused in the networks and try to connect to the wrong one. 

Make sure you are connecting to the right network name and correct password. 

Turn ON your Wi-Fi

Sometimes the Wi-Fi in your phone is turned off and it doesn’t get connected automatically. Go to your phone settings and click on Wi-Fi. If it’s turned OFF then turn it ON. You will see a list of available networks which you can connect. Use the right password and connect to the wireless network. Wi-Fi settings in Android phones can be accessed from the top slider or by dragging the upper status bar downwards. 

Turn OFF Airplane Mode 

Sometimes due to mistake the airplane mode on your phone becomes enabled. If this setting is enabled then you won’t get any cellular networks or Wi-Fi network. Even your bluetooth won’t work. Go to your Phone’s settings and make sure that Airplane mode is turned OFF.

No Network Available

Sometimes you won’t be able to find available networks because of many problems. In such cases you need to make sure that Wi-Fi network is actually working. If your wireless network is working correctly and your phone is unable to find it then you must try finding the network on other devices. Try other phone or laptop to detect Wi-Fi to see whether Wi-Fi is coming or not. 

If everything is alright and you are still unable to connect then disconnect few devices from the network. Few routers have limits on number of devices that it can connect to. Disconnection 1-2 devices will fix your problem. 

It it’s still not working then you must restart your modem. Power off the modem and turn it back ON after few seconds. Try it again. It solves the problem in most of the cases. 

Connected to Wireless Network but No Internet Connectivity

If you phone is connected to the wireless network but internet is not coming then it must be the problem with your router or modem. Turn the modem off for few seconds and turn it back on. Most of the time restarting the router or modem solves the problem. If it didn’t solved your problem then you should switch off your phone and switch it ON. Sometimes doing this will solve the problem.

Wi-Fi Connects and Disconnects itself

There are times when everything is going right between wireless network and your phone but Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting. It can be a very frustrating issue because you won’t be able to find any problem. Your phone will start using cellular data plan every time your Wi-Fi disconnects.

Most of the time such type of problem is created due to an app that you downloaded around the same time. It can be a power saving or networking app. Uninstall the app and connect to your Wi-Fi to see if the problem exists or not.  

Authentication Failed Error Message

Authentication failed error message mainly appears due to a wrong password being used on while trying to connect to the wireless network from your phone. When you enter the password then it tried to authenticate the same over the network and gives authentication error because of wrong password. 

You should follow our first method and check the password again. Most of the time it’s the password error. You think that you are entering the right password but something goes missing or wrong. Triple check the password before entering it again. You should keep in mind that passwords are case sensitive. It will help you resolve Authentication Failed error message.

There are times when phone keeps showing authentication error message even when password is right. Follow the below steps in that case: 

  • Turn OFF the mobile data and Wi-Fi on your phone by going to settings. 
  • Turn ON the phone’s Airplane mode. 
  • Turn ON the Wi-Fi and try connecting to the wireless network. 
  • Once connected Turn Off the airplane mode. 

It may sound strange but many times it solves the authentication error message problem. I have seen people doing it 😉 

Obtaining IP Address

Obtaining IP Address while trying to connect to wireless network in your phone is one of the most common errors that people face. You must have faced it at some point of time in your life. “Obtaining IP address” message becomes really annoying when it doesn’t go away when you try to connect to Wi-Fi network few times. 

Obtaining IP address mainly comes because your router is unable to assign an IP address for your phone. You may have tried to fix it by downloading some apps from Google play store. Most of those apps are bogus and they don’t fix it. Try downloading WiFix by mHotspot It has some good positive reviews on the play store. It can help you resolve this problem.

You can even follow the given steps below to resolve the Obtaining IP address problem:

  1. Go to Settings and Click on Wi-Fi. 
  2. Turn on Wi-Fi and Connect to a network. 
  3. Long press on connected network and click Modify network. 
  4. Check show advanced options. 
  5. On IP settings drop down menu, Select Static option. 
  6. Assign an IP address of your choice. Make sure it’s different. 

It will help you resolve your obtaining IP address message error. There is a chance that you may need to explore to find advanced Wi-Fi options or Modify network. The process of setting up a static IP address will vary depending upon your cellphone and android version. 

Advanced Troubleshooting Steps to Solve Android Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi

I hope you have tried all the methods given above and yet you are not able to fix the problem. This advanced troubleshooting guide can be followed for all the cell phones having Wi-Fi connection problems particularly phones having Android operating system. This advanced Wi-Fi troubleshooting guide can help you when all other methods become useless. 

Please continue reading this article for further suggestions as how to resolve phone not connecting to Wi-Fi. 

Here are few other issues with wi-fi won’t connect problem that can happen with you. They can be resolved with trial and error methods. 

Wi-Fi isn’t working after Upgrading OS

Many times wireless connection doesn’t work after a new OS upgrade. It can happen with any smartphone regardless of its operating system. Mainly this is a software conflict within the phone itself but it can be solved after trying few things. 

“Not in Range” or “Out of Range” Message when trying to Connect

It’s one of the most confusing Wi-Fi issues that you can have after OS upgradation. You are sitting next to your router or modem and your phone says “Not in Range” or “Out of Range” message. You get connected to the network and while you go away 2-3 meters then also it says “out of range” or “not in range”. It’s a very annoying error message that is difficult to fix without help. We will see below how we can fix this phone won’t connect to Wi-Fi problem.

SSID or Network Name Won’t Appear on Scanning

SSID doesn’t appear when you search for networks is a common problem that people face atleast once. There can be multiple reasons behind this such as hardware issues in the phone or a hidden wireless network. 

Wi-Fi disappears upon connection

You search for the wireless networks. Your favorite Wi-Fi networks shows up. You are trying to connect and it suddenly vanishes. Now your phone won’t connect to wi-fi as that network isn’t available. This is one of the issues that can’t be fixed with normal troubleshooting methods that we have mentioned above in the article. 

Cellphone Connects to Some Wi-Fi Networks but not others

There are times when your phone will connect to Wi-Fi networks available at your work place or cafes or other public places but it won’t connect to wireless network available at home. In such cases there is no problem with your smartphone but it’s a problem with the network itself. This guide will help you solve network problem which will help you fix phone can’t connect to Wi-Fi. 

Cell Phone won’t connect to Wi-Fi while other devices work perfectly

Many people have this problem. Your iPad and laptop will connect perfectly on the network but your phone won’t connect to Wi-Fi. It’s mainly because of some network issue that can be resolved easily by following this guide. In such cases there is no problem with the phone.

NOTE: Before you change anything on your smartphone you should write down all the original settings so that you can revert back if the problem isn’t fixed and suggestion is ineffective. You can always reset your modem or router to get its default settings. You can factory reset your smartphone for all default settings. Remember to save any important data before you do factory reset. 

Troubleshooting Wi-Fi Connection from Router or Modem

As most of the settings that you tried above still didn’t help above then it certainly means that it’s not a phone problem. It must be a network specific problem being created by your modem or router. You need to adjust few settings on your router or modem to fix the Wi-Fi connection problem. 

You can adjust the settings on your router or modem very easily however there are lots of manufacturers who develop routers and they have different ways of adjusting the settings on your router or modem. You should do a Google search for configuration of your router. Follow the steps given in the article to adjust the settings on your router. You can search terms like ” how to configure my Linksys router”. If you are still not able to properly follow to adjust the settings then you should call your ISP and let them know about it. They will help you out to fix it to get your connection working soon. 

Which Network Settings You Should Check

Once you can are able to configure the settings on your router then you should check for the settings mentioned below. You should keep a special check on these settings. There is a chance that you may or may not find the exact settings so you should look for similar settings on your router.

Password of the Network 

Network password is one of the problems that people face often. You should quadruple check your password before entering it into the phone to make sure that everything goes right. You should go ahead and make the network without any password just to check if your android phone connects to the open network or not. 

If the problem exists then you should change the password on your router to make it secure. Now enter the new password on your phone to get connected to the wireless network. If it didn’t help still then there might be some other problem. Let’s have a look. 

Mac Address Filtering Problem

You should check your routers mac filtering settings. There is a chance that your android phone mac address is listed there. Mac address filtering is an additional security feature being provided by the router companies. This should be setup properly otherwise it can create a lot of problems for your devices. 

If wi-fi connection problem does’t exist with other devices in your home then they must be in the allowed list of devices to access the network and your phone might be listed into the blocked ones. You should remove your android phone mac address from such lists. 

If you didn’t everything from changing the passwords, enabling/disabling the mac address filtering, restarting and reconnection to the router and still things didn’t work out then check for few more settings below.