Top 10 Best Photo to Cartoon Picture Apps for Android/iPhone 2019

Almost everyone likes cartoons. Do you remember Cartoon Network? I watched so many shows on this channel around 1996. Did you not ever think about your photo being a cartoon? Most people say YES. They really want to see themselves as cartoon pictures. It’s really difficult for anyone to draw you as cartoon. It will take a lot of time and expertise to draw a simple person into cartoon. However it’s a digital world going on right now. There are number of photo to cartoon apps which you can use to turn your photo into cartoon within seconds.

We have made a list of top 10 best photo to cartoon apps for you. You simply need to install the app. Select an image from your gallery and choose the shades of your cartoon. Your photo to cartoon picture will be ready in few seconds. It’s that easy. Let’s check out best photo to cartoon apps for Android/iPhone 2019.

List of Top Photo to Cartoon Apps 2019 (Android/iOS)

1. Cartoon Photo Filters (Android/iPhone)

Cartoon photo filters is one of the most downloaded app on the play store with more than 10 million downloads. It offers a number of features. You can select your favourite image from the phone gallery and change it into a cartoon. You can even click a new picture right away from the camera and create live cartoon pic. There are number of filters and cartoon effects available for your cartoon image needs. You can make use of filters and effect to create a better cartoon version of pic. It’s a very simple app to use and totally free to download on play store and app store. Install the app right now to check out cartoon features and turn your pic into a cartoon pic.

2. Cartoon Face Animation Creator (iPhone/iPad)

Cartoon Face Animation creator app is one of the best for iPhone/iPad users to turn photos to cartoon pictures. There are number of cartoon filters and effects available in this app. You can select your photo from photos. You can even take selfie right away and apply filters to turn it into a cartoon picture. You can crop your pics to give them a better cartoon effect. Once you are done, save the image to Photos and share with friends and family to amaze them. App works great for iOS 12/11/10. Install it right now by visiting app store.

3. Cartoon Yourself (Android/iPhone)

Cartoon Yourself is one of the best Photo to Cartoon picture app 2019 for Android/iOS users. With more than 1 millions downloads on play store, this app is creating a great interest among users who want to turn their pics into cartoon photos. You can create awesome cartoon pictures using this app. It offers a number of features such as sketch cartoon, drawing, painting, graffiti, lomograph, pencil and many more effects. You can create cartoon pictures within seconds. Download the app from play store or app store.

4. Clip2Comic (iPhone/iPad)

Clip2Comic is yet another popular app to turn your pics to cartoons among iPhone users. There are number of cartoon filters available for users to use. It’s a simple, elegant with beautiful UI design. You need to select a pic of yourself, apply few filters if you want and save the image to photos app. That’s it. Now you can share the photo to friends and family. You can also create videos using this app. The app is totally free on app store as of now. App isn’t available for android users.

5. CartoonFace (iPhone/iPad)

CartoonFace is one of the best apps to change yourself into cartoon. It’s available for both iPhone and iPad. The app contains large number of video and photo filters that you can use. With a single click, you can turn your favorite pic into a cartoon picture. This app offers a large number of artistic effects for your cartoon pictures to make them even more realistic. Install the app and start creating cartoon pic on iPhone 2019.

6. SketchMe (Android/iPhone)

SketchMe is a very popular app among Android users. It’s also available for iPhone/iPad users. You can create cartoon pic in few seconds using SketchMe app. It offers similar features listed above just like drawing, painting, pencil etc… Select a pic from gallery and apply some cartoon filters to turn your photo to cartoon picture 2019. This app is really easy to use. Download the app from play store. It’s totally free to download. Check out all the cartoon features of this app.

7. Cartoon Art (Android)

Cartoon Art is one of the top photo to cartoon picture app in 2019 for Android users. There are more than 1 million downloads on this app on play store. It comes with number of features such as cartoon camera, awesome cartoon editor, close to 50 cartoon effects etc… You can click a picture and do live edition to turn it into a cartoon pic using the cartoon editor. You can select pic from gallery to turn it into cartoon using filters available. Create awesome cartoon pictures now to share it on Instagram. You can directly share on Instagram using this app only. Download and install the app right away.

8. Cartoon Photo (Android)

Cartoon Photo app is available for android users only. It’s a great free cartoon app for android 2019. It contains a very large number of cartoon filters and effects to turn your pic into cartoon picture within seconds and with few clicks. You can open the camera through this app change the pic live in cartoon pic. This app has number of features such as zoom, focus, pinch, artistic effects, live filters and much more. Download the app right away to show your awesome creativity to your friends and family members.

9. Artista Cartoon (Android/iPhone)

It’s one of the best cartoon changing app with advanced editing skills. It contains a number of cool artistic effects and filters to turn your pic into cartoon picture. It also contains a live cartoon camera app which you can use to give better live effects into your picture cartoon. Download this free app right now from play store to turn into cartoon and share online.

10. Cartoon Photo Filter Effect (Android/iPhone)

With a single click in this app, you can transform your favorite pic into cartoon. There are more than 30+ cartoon effects available to use. There are many other filters available for users to turn pic into a better cartoon. You can use live camera option for live editing of pics to cartoon. Download and install the app right now on your Android/iPhone.

So this is the list of top 10 apps to turn pics to cartoon pictures in 2019 for Android/iOS users. Do tell us if you know any other good apps to turn into cartoon photo.