How to Find My Samsung Phone

[How to track My Samsung Mobile] Have you ever lost your phone before? — If yes, then you know how it feels to lose your phone, not only that you will lose important files and contacts that you did not back up, you also risk exposing your privacy to unknown elements. Personally, I rely on my Samsung S4 so much for searching, storing and sharing information that I nearly became devastated when I lost it, thanks to Samsung “Find My Mobile Feature” that I have activated in my phone, I was able to track it and locate it before someone else does. Thought of losing our smartphone is scary, I know, we’ve come to know and use them as our PA (Personal Assistants), they are quite expensive to replace and we always have private data that we don’t want others poking their nose into hence we need to make sure we protect it as best as we can.

When you lost your Samsung Smartphone, you can easily track its location using the “find my mobile” feature installed on your phone or use another app by Google Google’s Android Device Manager”. Thanks to these 2 apps and others like “lookout”, the thought of losing your smartphone aren’t so scary anymore. We have created a simple step-by-step guide on how you can locate and secure your phone with Find my mobile and Google’s Android Device Manager.

 How To Find Your Samsung Smartphone with “Find My Mobile” Feature

Samsung’s Find My Mobile remote control “features” include locate my device, lock my device, ring my device, unlock my screen wipe my device, , call logs, SIM change alert and register a personal guardian.


The first step in using this feature in your Samsung phones is to set your device or to enable the feature.

  1. First, Confirm that your device can use this service.

To confirm this, go to your device “settings”, then click on “Security”. If you see “Find My Mobile” on the menu that appears then it means you device can use this service otherwise you are out of luck.

  1. Login or Create Your Samsung Account On Your Device

You need to register your account for this service to work for you, hence go to “Settings” > “Security” > “Find My Mobile” > “Remote Controls”. Turning on the remote control will prompt you to login to your Samsung account or to create a new one if you don’t have it yet.

Note: If you did not enable the remote control, you cannot use this feature.

  1. Set Your Options

To make your location search more accurate make sure to check the box for “Use Wireless Networks” options in the Settings Menu.

When your phone is lost, there is a chance of another person picking it and reusing it, to prevent this from happening and to protect your privacy, you need to activate the “Reactivation Lock” feature. To do this go to “Setting” > “Security” > “Find My Mobile” then scroll then and check the “Reactivation lock” option.

  1. Locating Your Phone

When you need to locate your phone, log in to Samsung Find My Mobile service from another phone or computer and sign in to your account. If you have registered more than one phone, you will need to select the specific one you are looking for. For instance, you may have registered your Galaxy S5, Samsung Edge, or Samsung Galaxy S4, select the particular phone you are searching for.

  1. Select the Feature You Want To Use
  • Locate it on map: To see your phone location on the map
  • Ring it: To ring the phone on highest volume for a minute
  • Wipe the data on the phone memory: To completely wipe the phone data
  • Lock it: To restrict access until you finds it
  • Unlock the Screen: To enable others use it.

When you use “lock my device feature” the phone displays a message like “This device is lost. Please keep it for a while, and I will contact you.” Then you can go ahead to locate it on the map. If you are using the “Ring my device” feature, the phone will ring on the highest volume for a minute even when the phone is on vibrate. As it rings, it displays a message such as “This is a lost device”

Find Your Smartphone Using Google’s Android Device Manager

You can also find your Samsung phone or any other Smartphone or device that runs on android using Google’s Android Device Manager app. This app is similar to Samsung Find My Mobile Apple

  1. Enable Your Android Device Manager

On your device, go to “Google Settings”, then click on “Android Device Manager”.

By default, you will notice that the locator feature is enabled, however to enable remote data wipe, check the box next to “Allow remote factory reset”.

Click on “Activate” to enable it.

  1. Locating Your Device With Android Device Manager

When you need to find your phone; log on to with your Google account. Click “Accept” if you see a prompt requesting for permission to allow Android Device Manager to use location data.

  1. Using The Features
  • You can use “Location” feature to automatically see the location of your device on the map and the last time it was used.
  • You can use “Ring” feature to check if the phone is nearby. Using the Ring option will allow the phone to ring on the highest volume for one minute even if it is on vibrate or set on silent.
  • You can Use the “Lock” feature to lock your device so that no one can access your data until you recover it.
  • You can use the “Erase Device” feature to completely wipe your data if you are convinced that your phone is gone for good.

Android device manager will surely help you out in location your Samsung mobile.