Free Games Without WiFi For Android Phone 2019

There are many places where you don’t get internet or wifi connection to play your favorite games. Now a days most of the games are going online due to piracy issues. However there are many offline games which can be played without wifi needed. These free games without wifi can be downloaded from playstore in seconds. You can play these non wifi games anywhere without internet. We are going to list some of the best no wifi free games that are popular across the world. You must have played some of these free games. We will try to list some new games which are getting popular. Few of these apps have in app purchases which can provide you hints, coins or any other thing for going to the next level of the game. 

Free games without wifi for Android phones have a long list. We have chosen some of the top and interesting games to play. Whether you are in a public transport or sitting somewhere on the top of a mountain then also you can play and enjoy these wifi free games. Let’s have a look on these no wifi games. 

List of Top Ten No Wifi Games: 

  1. Duet
  2. Brain it On
  3. Google Dinosaur Game
  4. Brothers in Arms 3
  5. Asphalt 8 Racing
  6. Temple Run 2
  7. Shadow fight 2
  8. Candy Crush Saga
  9. Subway Surfer 
  10. Hill Climb Racing 2

Lets get into details of the game. You can download the game from the below given links. 

1. Duet

duet offline game

Duet is one of the best no wifi game which is getting popular really fast. The interface of the game is very simple. There are two balls which have to clear obstacles coming in front of them. You can move both the balls in both directions. Clearing the obstacles one by one is real tough task. Everything needs to be in sync to clear the obstacles. Your response should be really quick to keep moving ahead. It looks simple to play this free wifi game but it’s not as simple as it looks.

Download Duet for Android

2. Brain it ON

brain it on no wifi game

Brain it On is a simple puzzle game that you can play without internet. This free game is highly addictive and challenging. It will surely test your physics level and mind. You have to use your brain in order to get to the next level. It ain’t that easy to move ahead. The main aim of the game is to draw shaped in order to complete the task. Download the game and try your physic in this free game without wifi. 

Download Brain it On for Android

3. Google Dinosaur Game

dinosaur game without internet

Google chrome dinosaur game is one of the most simple and best no wifi game. The last thing you need is a Google chrome browser. Most of us are already using internet in Google chrome. If you don’t have google chrome in your Android then you must download google chrome from playstore. Dinosaur game is totally free wifi game. Open a website on Google chrome and when there is no internet then game will appear. Press the spacebar and start playing the game. Tap on the dinosaur on the Android phone to play this free game without wifi. Keep scoring points and move ahead. 

Download Google Chrome for Android

4. Brothers in Arms 3

brothers in arms 3 free wifi game

Brothers in Arms 3 is an offline game and one of my favorite free game to play. This non wifi game is based on World war 2. You have to complete mission in Brothers of Arms 3. You can choose your team. There are 9 brothers with different abilities and strengths. You can choose them in your team according to the mission. It’s no like any other sniper shooting game. The game has a story while completing missions. It’s an action packed free fighting game for android. You will surely love this game. 

Download Brothers in Arms 3 for Android

5. Asphalt 8: Racing 

asphalt 8 free no wifi game

Asphalt 8 is an offline racing game which you can’t avoid if love speed and racing. The graphics and sound of this game is simply amazing. Asphalt 8 requires a high configuration device. You need atleast 1 GB of memory to install the game. You also need high RAM to handle all graphics of the game. You can play this game without wifi. This is one of the best no wifi games in racing category. 

Download Asphalt 8 for Android

6. Temple Run Series

temple run no wifi game free

Temple run is one of the most popular games across the world. It has been downloaded over more a billion times. It’s an endless running game. You need to keep running while avoiding obstacles and gathering gold coins in the game. If you want to play temple run then you should download temple run 2. The game is free to download on play store and app store. It’s an offline game and you don’t need wifi to play the game anywhere. The rating of the game is way too high making it one of the top games without wifi. 

Download Temple Run 2 for Android

7. Shadow fight 2

shadow fight 2

Shadow fight 2 is an action game which does not require internet connection to play. It’s considered one of the best action game. You will be mere a shadow fighting a shadow in the game. There are unlimited lethal weapons to take upon your enemy. Beside regular weapons you also get magical powers to defeat your enemy. You will surely love this game. It’s one of the best cool game in the list of no wifi games. 

Download Shadow fight 2 for Android

8. Candy Crush Saga

candy crush saga no wifi free game

You must have surely heard about the candy crush saga game. Candy crush one of the most fastest downloaded games on the internet. It’s an offline game with unlimited levels. You have to complete a certain objective in every level. Most of the objective is to just crush candies. There are other objective in which you have to take fruits to the bottom of the column. As you will go to higher levels it becomes really difficult to clear levels in one go. There are many hints and powers given to help you out. It’s a good no wifi games. 

Download Candy Crush Saga for Android

9. Subway Surfer

subway surfer 2 without internet

Subway surfer is one of the best no wifi game in the list of endless running games. If you have not played subway surfer then you must give it a try. It’s one of my favorite game as it has great graphics and sound along with good obstacles and running difficulty. You will also get some powers to use to improve your running. You can collect coins in the game to increase your overall score. You can even compete with you friends as game can connect to facebook friend list to see your friends score. It’s a great offline game. 

Download Subway Surfer for Android

10. Hill Climb Racing 2

hill climb racing 2 offline game

Hill climb racing 2 is also one of my favorite game which you can play offline. You don’t require internet connection for any level. You require internet for multiplayer game. Hill climb racing 2 involved number of levels inside different places. You get places and atmosphere like beach, night, forest, mountain on which you have to drive a selected vehicle such as bike, bus, car, cycle etc.. It’s a fun and interesting  game. It looks easy but once you start to play the game it doesn’t look that way. Being an offline game it has been downloaded millions of times. 

Download Hill Climb Racing 2 for Android