How to Track a Stolen Android Phone

If you have been the unfortunate victim and had your Android phone stolen, rest assured there is a way to track your phone. Your first thought may be to Google terms such as Find my Android or Track my Android. While these are good choices, you have a good chance of locating your stolen Android Phone with the Android Device Manager linked to Google Play on your account. Here are some easy to follow steps to track your stolen Android phone via the Android Device Manager utilizing any device online.


Android Device Manager

To ensure full function of the Android Device Manager, set up the app when you set up your phone. This way, you will be ready should something happen and your phone is stolen. Note: You must allow the Android Device Manager to act as a device manager. By doing this, you are setting your phone up to wipe or lock your phone remotely in the event that it is stolen.


You will need a Google Account to download the app and may use any of the accounts on your phone to download from Google Play. Follow the instructions by entering your Google password and tapping the enter button to sign in. Notice that there is an option for a guest login. This allows someone else to use your phone to wipe or lock their device. Keep this in mind should you need to utilize a friend’s phone to do the same.

Download Android Device Manager from Google Play

Track on the Web

To start tracking your Android, try logging into a computer, phone or tablet and open the browser, pointing it to the Android Device Manager website. This is an easy way to find your phone if someone is utilizing it on the web.

If you have located the phone on a map and are close by, choose the option to ring your device at full volume for five minutes. This will definitely get somebody’s attention and you will be able to locate them if they are in the vicinity. This works even if your ringer has been turned off.

New Lock Screen

You may create a new lock screen password. If you do not have a lock screen password, set one up now. This is a simple protection for everyday use which can prevent someone from posting silly things from your phone should they pick it up while you are away from it.

By creating a new lock screen, you make it impossible for a thief to get into your phone without the password. Remember, you can do this from someone else’s phone via the guest account.

Wipe the phone

If you are unable to locate the stolen phone for whatever reason, you do have the option of ensuring your personal information is safe. Choose the Wipe phone feature as a last resort. You will lose all photos, data, and everything on your phone. However, if there is no hope of finding the phone, this is probably the best option.

When you find yourself faced with the how do I find my android or how do I track my android questions, hopefully, these tips will help you find that stolen phone quickly.