Top Free Video Calling Apps for Android 2019

In ancient time, it is very difficult to talk to the people who live far from us but now a days you can see live what your partner is doing and where he is. Video calling apps help us to connect far people live. It is necessary to have best video calling app in your mobile because video quality should be HD or medium so that we can see clear face of our friend or family member. If the app is not so famous, you don’t need to download it in android because they can steal your mobile phone data and abuse it. That ‘s why it is very important to have the best and reliable video calling app. As you know there are many video calling apps available on Google Play store, but only some of them are the best app for video calling.

All the given video calling apps are free and high rated. As you know, if you want to make a video call to your friend, he must have same app so people always download popular video calling apps in their phones and also it should be free. So if you want to get free video calling app, I have given the top 10 free video calling app for better video calls. Just observe the list and choose according to your choice. You can also call your friend to ask which video calling app he or she is using right now and download same in your mobile.

Top 10 Free Video Calling Apps for Android 2019

Google Duo

Google Duo is one of the best video calling apps for android. This video calling app is developed by google so you can guess how well this app is and how popular this video calling app is. This app will automatically syn your contact and will tell you how many contacts are on the Google duo app. If network connection is strong, this app will provide you hd video calling and you can also use it as text messenger. If you friend is not online you can SMS him by using this app so that they will get notification and they will be online. Make a video call by only one tap.

As this app is downloaded by over 3 million people, you can also trust this app and use it for your memorable video call. This is free video calling app which is available on Google play store, you can click above given above.

IMO – Video Calling App

It is one of the best video calling app in which you can easily make a best quality video calling to your friends and family member wherever and whenever you want to. There are few requirements for best calling as network should be strong and your mobile’s front camera should be fine. You can easily connect to your friend by adding their mobile number in your phone. IMO also allowed us to send unlimited chat messages and text messages without any charges.

So if you want to the best quality video calling and text messaging, IMO video calling is one the best apps for you. There are many new features also added by which you can enjoy your best moments with your distance relatives.

Video Call – New Video Calling App

It is new video calling app for android in which you can make a video call on low data consumption. High quality video quality and high level security make it a well developed quality app. In this app, you can also call strangers and make a friendship with them.