How to Fake GPS Location on Android Devices

There are many reasons why many people want to fake GPS location on Android phones. GPS location can be easily faked now a days using certain apps. These apps even don’t require root access to android and they fake GPS location easily. There are many apps which work according to your location. These apps require root access to get your exact GPS location and hence they perform depending on the location. If you fake your GPS location then these apps will still work even if you are in another country. That’s how faking GPS location helps. 

There are many apps which work only in Unites States. If you are outside the country then they won’t work. You need to fake your GPS location if you want those apps to work. Faking GPS location can also be used in tricking your friends and family members. They will think that you are in some other location like an office while you are actually enjoying in a pub or shopping mall. These apps will also let you play many games such as Pokemon Go etc.. You can catch Pokemon’s while you are working in office. These apps are also available for iPhone.

There are many GPS spoofing apps available on Google Play. Let’s have a look on them. 

1. Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer Free App

Fake Go Location Spoofer free app

  1. Install the Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer Free App from Google Play. 
  2. Open the app. It will ask you to enable the GPS on your phone. 
  3. Click the Location Settings app in the pop-up that appears. Navigate to Mode on next screen.
  4. In order to fake your GPS location you need to enable developer mode on your Android phone. If you haven’t enabled it then you can do so by going to Settings >> About Device >> Build Number ( Click 7 times ). You will get small notification saying developer has turned on. 
  5. Now go to Settings >> Developer Options >> Allow Mock Locations (Check the box in front of it)
  6. In few versions of Android you will be asked to select an app through which you want to fake your GPS location. In that case select the Fake GPS Go location Spoofer app. 
  7. Open the app now and click on menu inside the app. Click the box in front of “GPS Only“.
  8. Now go back and double tap on the map or move location pin to Fake your Location. Once you set it then click on play button at right hand below corner. 
  9. Now many apps which require your location to work will think your Fake GPS location as exact location. They will work perfectly. 

2. Fake Android Location using Floater App

Floater free gps spoofer app

  1. Floater is also one of the best apps to spoof your GPS location. Floater app is a no root solution. Floater provides you a floating widget on android that you can use easily. 
  2. Install the Floater app from Google play store. 
  3. Open your Android device and enable the developer mode by going to Settings >> About Device >> Build Number (Click 7 times). You will get immediate note saying developer mode has been turned on. If you already did it then skip the step. 
  4. Now go to Settings >> Developer Options >> Allow Mock Locations (Check the box in front of it). If it asks for any app to be selected to mock location then select Floater app. 
  5. Open the Floater app now. Select your location by moving the marker in the map or manually entering the GPS coordinates. 
  6. Click on Play button at the bottom left of the widget. To stop click on stop button. 
  7. Once you click on play button your GPS location will be spoofed. You can now use many apps or play games which require your physical location. 

3. Fake GPS Location App from Google Play

Fake GPS location app

Fake GPS location app is also one of the good apps to switch your GPS location to a fake one. The name of these apps may look similar but they offer different features. Install the Fake GPS location app from Google Play store. The process is almost similar to other apps. You can set your fake location on the map or search for the place or set the coordinates within the map. 

The last thing you need to keep in mind that before uninstalling the app you should change your location to original one else device will keep thinking that fake location is the original location of the device. In case you uninstalled it then you should install it back again and change your location to the original location and uninstall it again. 

Fake GPS Location app is totally free and comes with all features. They don’t have any in-app purchases. Give it a try. 

4. Fake GPS Location – Hola App to fake your location on Android phone

fake gps location hola

Fake GPS location by Hola is also a good location faking app. Hola is known for its VPN server services. The app is available on Google play store totally free. There are some in app purchases that you can try to support the developers. 

The procedure is same for this app. You need to open the app and selection the location to teleport to. Once you set it then it will spoof your GPS location of the android. You should disable the high accuracy positioning from settings and click on GPS only. The app is pretty popular as it has been downloaded more than 5 million times on Google play store. 

5. Mock GPS with Joystick and Fake Location (Mock GPS) apps

mock gps location android

Mock GPS with Joystick and Fake location (Mock GPS) apps are available on Google play store which will help you fake your GPS android location easily. The UI is pretty simple to use. Functions are almost similar. You need to search for location that you want to use. You can even switch to recently used location to fake location. You can download the apps totally free from play store. The apps are compatible with most of the Android versions.  

The above apps with work on any brand such as Samsung, Sony, Micromax, HTC, Motorola, Vivo, Redmi, Oppo and others.. These apps are heavily used for faking location in the game Pokemon Go. You can use our guide to locate lost android phone and stop searching for terms like track my phone on Google. It contains a lot of methods to follow and find your phone.