Find My Android Phone On the Computer

Many Android smartphone users always wonder as how to locate my android phone on my computer. Although there are number of apps that are available to track your android phone still your computer is one of the best places that you want to track your android phone first. If you ever lost your android phone then PC is the first thing that comes to our mind to find android mobile.

Locating your Android phone from computer is pretty much easy. However there are certain things which must be done in advance so that you can locate and track your android phone. In all the android devices, Google provides Android Device Manager in app settings. You can enable this option to find your android phone. This option is turned ON by default. In case you ever turned it off manually then you can’t find it through computer using Android device manager.

android device manager

Here are certain steps that you can follow to find your Android phone from your computer:

  1. Sign in on Android Device Manager website on your computer. 
  2. 3 things are must before you see your Android phone in active devices list. Internet must be ON, Android Device manager must be enabled on your phone and it must be connected to your Google account through which you are signing in on ADM website. 
  3. If above things are satisfied in advance then you will be able to see your Android phone in the list of active devices as soon as you login to the website. 
  4. Select your Android phone or tablet then the website will start showing its location on the map. Location shown is not exact. It simply shows that you phone might be somewhere in or around that place. You can easily find your Android phone in case you want to locate/track at your home or office. 
  5. With Android device manager opened on your computer, you can perform few other functions remotely on your Android smartphone or tablet. Normally there are 3 options are of now that you can perform remotely. 
  6. RING, LOCK and ERASE are the 3 option that you can do remotely. LOCK and ERASE option have to turned ON in your phone in advance. However you can ring your phone at any time. By ringing, you can immediately find your android phone in your home or office even if the phone is in silent mode. 

If you ever installed any kind of anti-theft app on your Android phone then you can visit the app website to track and locate your android phone. There are number of apps which provides many more features than ADM. With the help of anti-theft apps, you can click pics, send a message, retrieve your contact list etc.. Click here to check out list of apps and other methods to find your Android phone.