Free Android Emulator for PC (Windows)

Have you ever noticed that there are some android application can also be opened through PC (Windows)? Well, this is the great news for those who have computer but does not have the android phone yet. Free Android Emulators are the name for those kinds of apps that can be used in order to open or to operate the android application on PC (windows) or laptop. Free android emulators can be found easy on the internet. There are some of them which are very popular and many people have been using it as the right free android emulators for PC (windows).

Bluestacks and Genymotion are two of the most popular emulators which are being used by millions of people. I have used bluestacks. If your PC configuration is high then you can install it right away. It’s good. Genymotion reviews are really good. Have a look at top 5. 

Here is Top 5 Free Android Emulators for personal computer (windows) that you might like to install on your computer (pc windows). They are as followed:

#1. Andyroid

windows android emulator

Andyroid is one of the very popular free android emulators for pc (windows) that many people from all around the world has been used and even recommend it to their closest friend. This app can be found easily on the internet. The good things about this app as one of top five free emulators is that, this app can be controlled in its sizes. Not only that, there are many people have recommended this app for their friends who likes to play some interesting android games. On the other hand, in order to install this app, you need to install the Virtual Box app first to your pc.

#2. Bluestacks

bluestacks emulator

Bluestacks happens to be the number one free emulators that people like to use and to recommend. This app can be searched on the internet easily. The best things about this app are that; this app can download the android apps directly from the good store or play store. It also has what is called as layercake, one of requirement in order to be able to play the very great graphic games on the pc smoothly. So, don’t forget to install this app as one of the free android emulators that most people search in the whole world.

#3. Droid4x

Droid4x is another new android emulator that becomes one of the top 5 free android emulators. This app is the kind of great combination from both bluestacks and Andyroid apps. It has the quite complete features and as one of the free android emulators, this app size can be controlled. Isn’t it very cool? And one more things, people like to download this type of apps in order to play the android application games. So, if you happen to be the true gamers or more like the android gamers then you might like to use your computer or pc in order to play more intense about any android application games and of course using one of these free android emulators.

#4. Genymotion

Genymotion is another type of free android emulators that most of the android app developers. You must be wondering why? Well as you might have notice, this app can be easily used to taste the new apps for the android. It helps you easily install any android apps using the command prompt. If you happens to be a android apps tester or those who happens to be the developer for some kinds of android application, then you should install this interesting app on your pc because beside using the command prompt, you can also simply use the drag and drop way of any apps you want to taste or try to this amazing android emulator app, which is the type of free android emulators.


Youwave is one of the former of free android emulators that is really popular, since the android operational system is out in the market. Many people who want to use the android app but they still do not have the gadget support the android operational system would install this type of free android emulators to their pc windows. There are lots of features available on this emulator. You can also find this app easily on the internet. There are many people who have been so familiar with this app because many people have been recommended it to their friends, colleagues and families.

Those as the top 5 free android emulators that many people like to use and also recommend to their friends. If you want to use the android apps on the big screen then having one of these apps is highly recommended. These are the apps that can be installed for the windows 10/8/7/XP. However, if you think that you have the Low ram computer then you can install the last options, which are YouWave apps. So, again, in this technology era, you do not have to worry anymore of being left behind or not following the new technology related to the android because you can choose one of these free android emulators that you can install easily on your pc (windows).

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