Free Speech to Text Apps for Android and iOS

Speech to text apps can be very useful in sending messages and making notes really fast and accurate. It boosts your productivity multiple times. You can talk as fast as you can and speech to text app or software can type in your device without any mistake. There are voice to text apps that are even more useful as you can even control the whole device or PC using those apps or software. Dragon Dictation is one of those apps which comes with heavy functionality. It’s available for iPhone and PC. There are other multiple apps which do the same things. 

Here are top Speech to Text Apps :

  1. TalkBox Voice Messenger
  2. SpeechNotes
  3. Voice Text App
  4. GBoard by Google
  5. Voice to Text By TalirApps
  6. iSpeech (Mainly for text to speech)

Here are some of the best speech to text apps for Android and iOS – 

1. TalkBox Voice Messenger

talkbox talk to text app

TalkBox voice messenger is one of the good voice to text apps for android and iOS. It’s a powerful app to send and share voice messages . You don’t need to type in a single letter to communicate with your friends and family members. You can have voice chats with this app. You just need to talk and app will convert your voice into text with great accuracy. TalkBox voice messenger even lets you share photos and locations with your friends. You can have a group chat with atleast 9 people inside the app. The app is totally free and available for Android and iOS. Download below:

  1. Download TalkBox for Android
  2. Download TalkBox for iPhone, iPad and iOS devices.

2. SpeechNotes – Speech to Text Apps 

SpeechNotes voice to text app

SpeechNotes – Speech to text app provides a continuous experience in typing over voice commands. It types with high accuracy. You can pause in between the messages and this app will recognize and adjust itself. You can even type in between and keep talking to let the app type. App will never hang during long dictation. It supports bluetooth. It’s available for free on Google Play. There are some in app purchases that you can buy for seamless experience. 

google play logo

3. Voice Text App – Free and In App Purchases

talk to text app

Voice text app is one of the best talk to text app for android. It’s very simple and easy to use. There are no hidden options or features that you need to search for. You can easily dictate and send messages to your loved ones. Voice text app can even read incoming messages loudly if you want it to read it for you. You can customize voice commands. The app provides a tutorial which is not useful at all. You simply need to checkout the option and customize it according to your own. The app is really good in catching the bad accents as well. Check out the In app purchases of the app as well. 

Download the Voice Text App for Android

4. Voice Text for iOS by TalirApps

voice text by talirapps

Voice to text by TalirApps is one of the best talk to text app for iPhone and iPad. You can easily send messages by talking to the app. You don’t have to type in a single letter. The dictation capabilities of this app is really good and you can use it to send messages, tweets and posts on Facebook. You can even edit messages with the help of suggested words. Voice Text is available for iOS at $4.99. It supports multiple languages. apple logo voice text app

5. Gboard Keyboard by Google

talk to text google

Gboard keyboard provided by Google is one of the most efficient keyboard which offers all the things you need. You can type just by sliding your fingers on the android phone. You have very easy access to emoji’s and GIF’s right from inside the keyboard. It also includes voice typing which is what you need. Voice typing by Google is very efficient and accurate. It also catches most of the accents without error. It also learns by mistake. You can easily dictate for most of the things. It’s one of the best apps that you can use talk to text app. Gboard is available for both iOS and Android. This app is totally free. 

Download the app below:

  1. Download Gboard for Android
  2. Download Gboard for iOS (iPhone and ipad)

6. iSpeech – Voice to Text App for Android and iOS

ispeech talk to text

iSpeech is a popular speech to text voice recognition app. The sole purpose of this app is to read your words out. You should type in the sentences that you want the app to read. iSpeech will read everything correctly. There are many voices available and you can even purchase additional ones at very low prices. It’s a good app for teaching children in schools and at home.

Download the app below:

  1. Download iSpeech for iOS
  2. Download iSpeech for Android

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