How Google’s Location History Can Track Your Past Locations

Be careful! Big Brother is watching you. Every smartphone user is probably aware of location services on their phone that constantly let other app to locate you wherever you are making use of Google map. Though you have an option to turn off the service from knowing and sharing your location but in most smartphones, doing this will make other apps that depend on your current location useless and make your smartphone experience almost boring.

With location services on your smartphone, Google can track virtually everywhere you are with your smartphone even putting a neat red dot on a map to show exactly your position. They can track and record your location on your Android device even without you knowing.

Google location history is nothing new, perhaps what people begin to realize now is the alarming rate at which the app sends your location to Google. It is possible that you will be in the same location and have your location sent to Google over 300 times. That’s kinda creepy! Even scary. Yea, I know am probably not hiding from the mob or FBI, but I will still like to maintain my privacy…. though like we said before, you have an option to turn it off if you need.

google location history

The location service isn’t all gloomy, there are many benefits attached to it though. It can help you to locate your phone when it goes missing, it can even help to know where you have been in the previous month, all you need to do is log in with the same account you are using in your phone at Google map and see where you and your smartphone have been in the past months.

How Google Let You See Where You Have Been In The Past Months

Google Location History (now known as Google Maps timeline) on your Android smartphone sends your location to Google at every minutes and it gets stored online which Google allow you to access at any point in time as far as you have your unique username and password that you used on your smartphone. With your Google account you can log on to Google’s Location History Page to know where you have been so far in the past months.

Google Maps Timeline

An interesting fact about this app is that you can even see your location history from many months far back. You can even know where you are last Valentine by checking your location.

Note: You have to enable the location app on your android device and move along with it for Google to be able to store all your location all the time.

Google Location History is the same thing as Google Maps’ Timeline, Google last year overhauled this service and added more feature, then change its name to Your Timeline“. Now it has much more improved features and guarantee better user experience.

One thing you should know about Google location Service is that though the app will ask you in your smartphone if you want to enable it, it will not however inform you of the Location history option nor tell you any way you can use to opt out of it. Nonetheless, the Location service is very good and useful unless the mafia or the FBI is on your trails, you should try and enable it on your phone.


Google Location History shows that Google is tracking your every move excessively. If you are a very private person that doesn’t want Google poking their noise on your location, you can always turn this service off from your device settings.

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However, I think Google Location History is very useful; it can help you to locate your phone if you lost it. You can as well reminiscence on where you have been in the previous months.

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