How To Download Free Movies On Android

Want to watch a romantic movie with your lover in a nice place where there is nothing but mother nature? Doesn’t it bother you that where ever you go you can’t take your movies with you? Or going on a long vacation in the woods where there is no internet connection and can’t kill time without watching a good movie? Out on a scary night and want to watch something with your friends that would give you people a fright and make it one fun and a memorable night? Want to show a movie to a friend that you recently watched? The answer is right here my friends as we are going to make sure that where ever you go you don’t miss the show, making your night one of the best ones.

Legal and free

For years people, young ones  in particular, have waged a war against themselves while choosing between what is free and what is legal. What if we tell you that there are apps that can help you download free movies and is legal? Yes!, an app that can help you download all the free movies, but not only that even the TV shows that you want to keep track of.

Apps for downloading free movies

These legal apps are worth and are risk free. Customers have appreciated the work done by the software developers and are happy downloading movies every day. Not only that, there is no limit of downloading the movies from this awesome app. You can download movies on your Android Tablet with below mentioned apps. Yes!, you can download as many movies as you want. So let’s reveal the  name of these apps, shall we?

  • CRACKLE – Movies & TV
  • Showbox


  1. CRACKLE – Movies & TV: This app is easily available in some parts of the world on play stores and is still on the test run. The developers have assured that they will be soon launching this app all over the world. Good thing about this app is that it uploads new movie each month and downloads according to your phone resolution taking up the minimum space of your phone.
  2. Showbox: The developer of this app hasn’t published it on the play store but still has taken the permission from the government to label it as a legal app, and they did. This app can be downloaded by its official page which can easily be looked up from Google and once you enter the site you will be guided with 3 easy steps of downloading it. And yes, this app is available in every part of the world and users are quite happy with this app.

crackle free movie app

If CRACKLE – Movies & TV isn’t in your region then moving to the Showbox app as this app can serve you the same and can save you from ruining your nights which would otherwise have been served no other purpose than staying bored.

 Other Options:

There are many other options from which you can download movies on android. There are apps through which you can download movies just like you do on your computer. You can download and save your favorite movies and watch whenever you want.

1. Utorrent or Bitorrent Both are torrent downloading applications. You can download movies or any other thing from internet using torrent. First install the application from the Google playstore. Now open your browser and open any famous torrent website. Search for your favorite movie and download the torrent file. The file will automatically open in utorrent and will start downloading the movie. Best part is that it’s totally free.

free movies torrent


2. Youtube So you already know Youtube but do you know that you can save videos to watch them later. Basically it downloads and saves it. You can watch it offline any time you want without the internet connection. Certainly you cannot download the latest movies but Youtube has lot movies of different languages and with subtitles. You will be able to enjoy many free movies on android mobile.

youtube movies


3.  NetflixNetflix is one of the best paid apps to watch movies, tv seasons and many more videos. It’s not free and you have to pay certain amount as monthly fee. However if you love watching movies and seasons then this amount will be very small to watch HD quality videos on your android phone. You can use the same account to watch everything on PC.

netflix movies

4. Amazon Prime: With Amazon Prime membership you can download any number of movies and tv seasons for you android phone. You can save movies and watch them later. You have to pay monthly fee to amazon to avail this service. However rest assured movies and any other video will be of HD quality and compatible with your android phone. 

Hopefully one of the apps will help you out in download free songs and movies on your android phone. You can also see apps to download free games, take android screenshot and learn some ok google voice commands.