How to Perform Song Searches on Android

Android is one of the most largely used operating system all over the world. If you are using an updated version of android on any device, it is very easy for you to search songs. Sometimes a song gets stuck in your mind, or you might hear someone singing a song but you cannot remember the name of that song. Google Sound Search app can do this for you. Google Sound Search, or Google Now, for Android, is one of the coolest applications to search for music instantly. Google search can identify songs like Soundhound, Shazamand Songza. But it searches songs faster than Soundhound, Shazam and Songza. Like these apps you will need to fire up Sound Search app when a song is playing near you, the app will tell you the name or even lyrics of that song instantly.

Google Sound Search for music is a relatively lesser known feature of Android. To use this feature, you need to add the Sound Search widget to the home screen of your Android device. To do this, you need to touch and hold your home screen, select widget section, now swipe through the choices on the screen until you come to Sound Search, now touch and hold to pick up the widgetand drag it to any open space on your homescreen.

Once you are done with this, tap the clock icon to see the history of all you music searches. If you tap on a song, it will take you to its selection in Play Store. Google Sound Search does not allow you to listen to music in Play Music. You will have to make that audio search separately in Play Music App. You can clear the search history by tapping and holding each track and then selecting the trash can to remove it.

Through Google Sound Search you can not only see your audio search history on your android device but also on the web. You will need to be signed in to your account in case you wish to see you music search history on Sound Search app.

If you have subscribed to Play Music, you will have plenty of options available to you here. You can add songs to your library also in any playlist you desire or you can buy it from the Play Store.

Google now uses simple language user interface to answer your question. It recognizes the audio being played near you and searches for related results and brings the right answers to you.

But you may see that Google has not made this super straight to find you past audio search history. Google needs to make an update so that the sound search playlist and history become a standard option in Play Music. But still, this app is a great tool provided by Google to android users. You will not have to keep wondering about a song you heard somewhere and could not find it because you did not know the name of that song.