How To Track A Lost Android Phone

Lost Android Phone can be easily tracked by mainly using two ways. You can use Android Device Manager to track android phone or you can use anti-theft apps to locate it. However anti-theft must be already installed on your android phone before it gets lost. In case of Android device manager also, you need to have few things completed before you lost it. 

Important: You cannot track a lost android phone with NO INTERNET, without SIM or when it is turned OFF. You need to wait till your phone gets connected to internet. No app can help your as well without these things. 

android device manager

Tracking Android Phone using Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager website is the official website for tracking your android devices. You can track your android phone as well as tablet. You need to enable location services and turn on Android Device Manager to track your phone in settings of your android mobile. Android Device manager tracking is turned ON by default. You must also be connected to a Google account on your phone.

In case you did the both after purchasing the phone then you can simply sign in to Android device manager Website. You must use the same Google account to login which you used to login to your android mobile.

Full Instruction to Track Android Phone using Android Device Manager

There are chances that you will not still find your lost android tablet or phone. There can be many reasons behind it. The most common problem behind location unavailable or no location history is that your mobiles internet is not working. There is a chance that whoever found it, turned it off or switched off the mobile. In both cases you have to wait till the internet comes. Without internet, it’s not remotely possible to track android phone as GPS will not work. 

There are no. of things that can be performed remotely on the device using ADM. You can ring, lock, erase the entire phone. You can see the current location on the map. Sometimes if the internet is not working then you will see the last location available on the map. 

Tracking Android Phone using Apps

There are number of useful anti-theft apps which you can use to locate lost android phone. They must be preinstalled to use them. Below is list of top anti-theft apps to track your android phone:

  1. Bit-Defender Anti-theft Mobile
  2. Cerberus
  3. Lookout
  4. Prey
  5. Where’s My Droid

These apps offer many advanced features in comparison to android device manager. Some of the features include clicking the pictures from camera, retrieval of document and other files remotely, turning on the microphone to listen the voices, sending message on android device, lock, erase and ring it loudly. 

Beside this, you will get email when your lost android phone is turned off. You will get email when your SIM is changed. There are number of other functions which you can use to get email. Apps are extremely helpful in full tracking of your android phone. 

Few of the apps also have the ability that you can’t uninstall it easily. It requires a real brain to uninstall them and normal people or a thief can’t do it. They won’t even know what’s going on behind the screen while you perform number of functions remotely. 

Google is way far behind from Apple in tracking of phones. Apple has official app “Find my iPhone” which even gives step by step direction to reach your iOS device. Isn’t that cool? Hopefully Google will come with more features in the future.