List of OK Google Now Voice Commands

Google everyday continues to hit the market with top innovations; no wonder Google brand has remained at the top for years and any product that comes from Google continues to take over the market. One of the latest innovations by Google is a virtual assistance known as Google Now’s “Ok Google” voice search. This is a virtual assistant that helps you in searching and displaying your commands, Google’s voice search assistant can help you set reminders, check weather information, even search for flight information for you based on the command you gave.

Over the years, Google Now’s voice function has become more useful and robust with several features added to make it better. It has become a big part of Android experience since the release of Android 4.4 Kitkat new commands and for Android users, this technology can entirely change the way they use their devices.

Ok Google Now Voice Commands

Google has constantly added more features and new commands this app to make it even better and helpful. To keep you updated and increase your user experience, we have made a list of some of the best and most useful Google Now’s new commands.

Here are some of the best and most useful Google Now’s new commands

To Get General Information: The following commands searches for general for information

  • What is meaning of [Android]?
  • Who invented [airplane]?
  • What is [computer]?
  • Who is [Donald Trump]?
  • Who is married to [Barack Obama]?
  • How old is [Hilary Clinton]?
  • Say [welcome] in [Italian]
  • Stock price of [Facebook]
  • Show me pictures of [Brooklyn Bridge]
  • Search for [cat tips]
  • What time is it in [India]
  • Search [Pinterest] for [dog pictures]
  • What’s [200 miles] in [yards]
  • Define [bubbling]
  • Author of [Captain America]?
  • How old is [Lionel Messi]?
  • Post to Google+

Device Control: The following commands tells your device to take action

  • Take a picture
  • Open [Facebook]
  • Record a video
  • Launch [Calendar]
  • Turn [on/off] [Wi-Fi, Bluetooth]

Setting up Notes and Reminders

  • Remind me to [feed cat] at [6 AM]
  • Wake me up in [2 hours]
  • Set alarm for [6 AM]
  • Remind me to [feed cat] 

Productivity Commands

  • Show me my bills
  • Find [Mark’s] [phone number] – This command searches all info in your contacts
  • Make a note: [download music online]
  • Where’s my package? (You need tracking confirmation to be in Gmail)
  • What is my schedule for tomorrow?
  • Set a timer for [30 minutes]
  • What’s the tip for [109 dollars]?
  • Create a calendar event: [Lunch with Martins, Monday 5 PM]

Time and Date Commands

  • What time is it in [India]?
  • Time at office
  • What is the time zone of [Rome]?
  • When is the sunset?

Commands to get Weather Information

  • Weather
  • What’s the weather in [Miami]?
  • Is it going to rain [today]?
  • How’s the weather in [Chicago] on [Tuesday] going to be?

Commands for 3rd Party Apps

  • Send a [WhatsApp] to [Pauline]
  • Send a message to [Dad] with [SMS]
  • Send a message with [Facebook]
  • Send a [Telegram] message to [Janet]
  • Show me [Mark Zuckerberg] on Flixster
  • Shazam this song
  • Set the temperature to [180] degrees (this command only works with Nest)
  • Scan my receipt in Target
  • Listen to NPR
  • Open TuneIn in car mode
  • Show attractions near me in TripAdvisor
  • Show instacart availability
  • Activate home mode on Wink

Maps & navigation Commands

  • Map of [United States of America]
  • Show me the nearby [clinic] on map
  • Where’s my hotel?
  • Where is the [Eiffel Tower]?
  • Find the [Eiffel Tower]
  • How far is [Alaska] from [New York]?
  • Navigate to [Boston] on car
  • Directions to [address / business name / other destination]
  • What are some attractions in [Paris]
  • Show me the menu for [Las Iguanas]

Now, when you are using the Google Maps Navigation, you can continue with the following commands

  • “okay Google,…
  • …find gas station
  • … show alternate routes
  • … resume navigation
  • … exit navigation
  • … show route overview
  • … when will I get there
  • … next step (this command will give you details on your upcoming turn)
  • … mute (this command will mute voice navigation and unumte it when you say “unmute”)

Commands for Entertainment

  • Listen to TV
  • When was [Thor] released?
  • Listen to/play [my heart will go on] by [Celine Dion]
  • Who acted in [Superman]?
  • Runtime of [Lost]
  • Who is the producer of [Hercules]?
  • What’s this song?
  • YouTube?

Commands to surf the web

  • Open []
  • Go to [Wikipedia]
  • Show me []
  • Browse to []

Commands for Sports

  • Show me the [La liga] table
  • When is the next [Manchester United] game?
  • How are [the New York Jets] doing?
  • Did [Chelsea] win their last game?

Commands for Getting Flight Information

  • Flight status of [Delta Air 123]
  • Flight [ ADS 145]
  • Has [LAA 231] landed?
  • When will [Qatar Airways 322] land?
  • When will [Qatar Airways 321] depart?

Conversions and Calculations Commands

  • Convert [dollar] to [pound]
  • What is the tip for [100] dollars/
  • How much is [15] times [2]
  • Square root of [84]
  • What is [32] percent of [233]
  • …. equals?

Google Now’s voice search is pretty awesome tool to have you in your android device. It not only makes searching and setting some apps for easier and accesible but also makes your whole android experience much better. Above commands can be run on phones like Moto, Samsung, Nexus, Micromax, Karbonn, HTC etc. along with computers and tablets. Press Ctrl+S to save the page or to download it as PDF.