How To Find My Android Phone

There are number of ways to find your android phone. You can find your android phone using android device manager. You can locate your android mobile using Google maps as well. You can also make use of other platforms such as Airdroid to find your Android. Beside these, there are number of anti-theft that can be installed on the phone when you purchase it. If you already have installed these anti theft apps then you can visit their website and can find the location of your lost android phone. 

There are number of functions that can be performed remotely on your android phone using these services. With Google Android Device Manger, you can ring, wipe and lock your android mobile. With services such as Airdroid, you can ring,wipe,lock, upload document from mobile to web, click pics from mobile camera in real time, send a message and can do loads of other things. Few other services are also provided by other antitheft android apps. 

There are certain requirements in Google’s android device manager and tracking your phone via Google maps location history. Below are few of them:

  1. Even after you lost your android, it should be connected to internet in order to perform any kind of action remotely on android device. 
  2. Your Android phone must be connected to a Google Account. If you didn’t connect it while setting it up then it will be total pain in the ass to find your android phone using Google’s official tracking service. 
  3. Android device manager should have been enabled along with location history feature turned on. ADM is turned on by default. If you turned it off then you will not be able to locate android mobile using this service. 

If you have all the above 3 things, then you can visit Track My Android Phone

Using Google Maps: You can find you android phone using Google maps as well. In fact it’s one of the easiest ways to find your phone. However there are few things that should done in advanced in order to locate it after it gets lost. Location reporting and location history must be turned on in your phone. If it’s turned off then you can’t locate it using Google maps. It will only show you the last known location of your mobile. 

Using AirDroid : You can use Airdroid website to track you phone and perform a number of functions remotely from any browser. You need to visit Airdroid and register yourself. It’s more like an app that should be installed on your device prior to using it. However you can register yourself on Airdroid website to fully understand all the functions. 

Airdroid is available for Windows, Mac, Airdroid web and android app. You can use any platform to perform number of functions provided by it such as file transfer remotely, clicking of pics, wiping,erase,ring,message sending and many others. Try it out. 

Hopefully the above 3 methods will help you out in finding your android phone. Do ask questions if you have any doubts regarding the same.