How to Download Free Ringtones on Android

Who doesn’t love to add some new ringtones every once in a while. It’s like a sensation in your bones which makes you check new ringtones and make them your notification or ringtones if you like them.

With the surge of Android as the premier operating system in smartphones (according to market share), people love to download ringtones directly from their Android smartphone. The only problem is that some users find it overwhelming to check for the best ringtones out there.

For that case, I’ve made a tutorial about how to download free ringtones on Android. The tutorial is in three parts. You can follow any one part to get the results.

download mp3 android

Part One: Downloading Ringtone from Internet Browser

This is the most common way of downloading ringtones, as this employs the old-fashioned but effective manner of using an internet browser like Chrome, Firefox to download free ringtones for Android. I’ve made two instructions Style 1 and Style 2. You can follow any of it.

Instructions (Style 1)

  • Open your browser and type
  • Type free “ringtones for Android”
  • You’ll see a lot of results for your searched keyword
  • Open the first two search results
  • You’ll see many ringtones which are free to listen and download
  • Listen to the ringtones and download the ones of your liking
  • Bookmark the site and visit the site frequently for new ringtones

Instructions (Style 2)

  • Open your browser and type
  • A site with wallpapers and ringtones will open
  • Right under the logo, there is a bar. Tap on “Ringtones” from it
  • Now you’ll see a lot of ringtones, initially, arranged by the category of Featured
  • You can change it to Popular, Recent or any other category you want to browse the ringtones on
  • After you’ve tapped on a category, you’ll see many ringtones. Play them and download the ones you like
  • Bookmark this site and visit it once in a while to get updated with the new ringtones

Part Two: Downloading from Google Play (Play Store)

Another option to download free ringtones on Android smartphone is to visit google play and download an app. Follow the below instructions to download ringtones:

  • Go to apps and tap on the play store app
  • Now, type “free ringtones”
  • Open the first 3 results and download the apps
  • When the apps are downloaded and installed
  • Open the apps one by one and you’ll see many free ringtones on each one
  • Listen and download the ringtones you want to
  • You can also directly download and install the app “Zedge” and listen/download the ringtones

Part Three: Downloading from Torrents

You can also download free ringtones on Android from torrents. Follow these steps to do it:

  • Download and install uTorrent from Google Play
  • Now, open your browser and type or
  • When the site opens, type “ringtones” in the search bar (You can also use similar phrases to get some new results)
  • Click on any of the search results to your liking and tap to open it
  • When it’s opened find the “Download Torrent” button and download the torrent file
  • Now, open this torrent file with uTorrent and download the ringtones
  • Once downloaded, you can listen to the ringtones and can make any of it your notification, message or ringtone

All of the above three parts will allow you to download free ringtone for Android. But if you want to be on the safe side, then go with the part one.

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