10 Best Ad Blockers for Android Phone 2019

Ad blockers play an important role in our browsing experience on Android phones. There are number of ads coming up on a web page which we can’t control. Page pads, pop ups, banners and many more ads keep showing up. These ads are really annoying sometimes. Few of the ads confuse us while browsing for some real information. We don’t want to see ads of “How to lose weight in 7 Days” or “How to get Abs in 7 Days”. No matter what you do, such ads keep showing up on screen in the form of pop ads and banners. Best Ad blockers block all types of ad on Android. If you have an ad blocker plugin or app or extension installed on Android phone then you can use your internet without any disturbance. You don’t need to search for “How to block ads on Android” every now and then once you install these plugins. 

There are even more ads like contextual ads and display ads shown my Google and other companies. They are similar in color and interest of the article. You won’t be able to find much difference between them. If you tap on any one of them then it will take you to another website wasting your precious time. You must install best ad blocker for Android browsers right away to avoid such things in future. We have selected some of the best ad blockers for Android. Install any one of them. 

Here are best ad blockers for Android 2018 which will help you block all types of ads:

1. Adblock Plus ( Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera)

adblock plus

Adblock plus is one of the most used ad blockers on Android. Adblock plus is available for browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera. There is a minimal setup for adblock plus. You can quickly block most of the ads. It also blocks malware and tracking behind ads. There are many filters available in Adblock plus which disables incoming advertising and saves your precious data. Download the adblock plus from the respective browser plugin stores to block all types of ads on your Android phone. 

2. Adblock ( Google Chrome, Safari, Opera)

adblock best ad blocker android

Adblock is one of the most popular plugin to block ads on Android browsers such as Chrome, Safari and Opera. It has no relation to adblock plus. They are 2 separate plugins. Adblock has number of pre filters to select and block ads on your devices. You can create custom filters to block ads that you don’t like. You can also whitelist many websites which won’t let you browse with adblock installed. It has been downloaded over millions of times and you can trust it. Download Adblock for your browser and browser the internet without any ads. 

3. Free Ad blocker Browser ( Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera)

free ad blocker browser

Free Ad Blocker Browser is also one of the popular ad blockers for Android. It lets your browser web extremely fast by blocking all kinds of ads. If you just want to browser the net then this is the best ad block for your android phone. Free ad blocker blocks ads such as pop ups, banner ads, contextual ads, display ads, youtube video ads and much more. With a neat and clean interface, it’s very easy to use free ad blocker. Download the plugin for your browser. 

4. Adblocker Ultimate

adblocker ultimate

Adblocker ultimate is one of the rising ad blockers on Android. This plugin is not associated with any company and that’s why it’s getting famous. It blocks all incoming advertisements without any exception. It doesn’t have any whitelisted websites by default. It prevents all kinds of adware, malware and tracking websites. Adblocker ultimate is available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. Download the Adblocker ultimate from respective plugin stores. 

5. AdAway (Android App)

adaway best ad blcoker android

Adaway is very popular among android users with rooted device. Adaway isn’t always available on Google Play store. It’s a free and open source ad blocker which blocks all incoming advertisements by sending them to default web address of It saves our internet bandwidth and keeps us away from being spammed by various ads. Adaway app is very simple to use and one of the best as it won’t let any ads appear on browser, game apps or other installed apps. You can also whitelist or blacklist certain websites and apps. 

6. APPbrain Ad detector

app brain ad detector android 2018

Appbrain ad detector is a very powerful ad blocking app for Android phones. It offers some unique features and provides up to 70 aspects to find ads and block them. The app also let users know about the ad networks that other apps are using and which one of them is pushing ads on your device. If you want great browsing experience then you must install APPbrain ad detector app to block all intrusive ads on your Android device. 

7. FireFox Focus (Android)

firefox focus

Firefox focus is yet another addition to firefox plugins. Firefox focus plugin helps you in blocking all ads and prevention of any kind of tracking from websites. You can block ads, analytics, different kind of contents, social media buttons with a single click from firefox focus interface. You can also turn on “stealth mode” and set a default search engine website through focus. 

8. Ghostery ( Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Opera)


Ghostery is yet another ad blocker and cookie & tracking blocker plugin for chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. Ghostery Privacy browser is also available with same features which is provided in plugin. It lets you block social handles and all types of advertising. You can also opt out of many privacy options of websites which you don’t like. You can whitelist your favorite websites through this plugin. 

There are 2-3 more ad blockers with same adblock name which you can try from chrome store.

Conclusion: In order to browse internet without any advertisement you need to install best ad blocker for Android 2018. Without ad blocker you can’t avoid any kind of ad and they will keep appearing. Ads also eat your bandwidth and reduce battery in a short span of time. They also waste your time as you will keep closing them while they will keep coming. Install ad blocker from the list given above and see which one works great for your android phone browser.