How to Recover Deleted Photos from Android

Recovering deleted photos from Android phone is a very simple process. You need a small Android photo recovery software to get back deleted photos from phone. Every photo, file or data deleted from the Android phone doesn’t get deleted completely from the phone. They are still in the internal storage somewhere. It’s just that it won’t show up anywhere and you need special software to get back those files or photos in this case. The deleted photos are wiped completely from the android if they are being overwritten by some other files. 

Overall, it’s really disturbing to lose important photos by mistake. Photos are memories for life time that we don’t want to loose. Sometimes kids delete photos and sometimes it happens so fast that we don’t get any idea about it. Phone hangs and photos are gone. We can get back those photos immediately again if we install the below software on our computer and do the simple process of recovering deleted photos. 

There are 3 methods to recover deleted pics from Android phone:-

  1. Retrieve using Android Photo Recovery Software
  2. Recover using Google Photos and Dropbox
  3. Recover using Old Backup of Android phone

Follow the steps below to recover deleted photos from android phone or tablet:

Method 1: Recover with Android Photo Recovery Software

  1. Download the Android Photo Recovery software from here and install it. It’s a very effective program to get back deleted photos. It will recover photos from internal storage quickly and effectively. You can get deleted or formatted files from android phone through this software.
  2. One thing you have to keep in mind that you should not delete or add any new data into the internal storage. Adding or deleting any new data will overwrite over recently deleted photos that you want to recover and then it will be difficult to get back those files.

                                   Download Win Version Download Mac Version

3. Download the right version from above. It’s available for both Windows and Macbook. 

4. Connect your Android phone or tablet to the computer using USB cable. Use a good USB cable provided with the phone. Cheap USB cables don’t work properly for such things. 

Fonepaw photo recovery software

5. Open the Android Photo Recovery Software and your phone will get detected automatically. You also need to enable the USB debugging on your phone. Follow the steps in the below pic. It’s similar steps or exactly like this.  

enable usb debugging steps

6. Latest Android photo recovery software enables you to recover almost any kind of files. You will categories such as videos, photos, contacts, call logs, Whatsapp, messages and many other things. You can select photos inside it and recover it easily. 

fonepaw photo recovery software

7. Once you select files to be retrieved then click on next. It will scan the files inside the phone and will provide you the result on the next screen. Click on Photos or videos and select the pics that you want back. Select all the pictures or favorite ones and click on “Recover“.

file recover

Make sure that your Android phone is charged at appropriate levels. Android photo recovery software can also retrieve lost data from memory cards (SD card). It can also get back data from broken android phones. You can use this software to get back data from Android phones or tablets having broken display screen. Connect it with USB and follow the on screen steps.  

Method 2: Recover Photos from Google Photos or Dropbox

Google Photos and Dropbox are great apps to save all your photos into free space provided by them. Google photos app is already present in most of the Android phones by default. If you have allowed your Android phone or tablet to save gallery photos in Google photos for backup and sync then you will be able to get back deleted photos easily. Both of these apps are free and you can use them freely to get back pics.

Google photos

You can open Google Photos app on your Android photos. Check the photos inside it. There is a high probability that Google photos have a copy of your recently deleted pics. Select them one by one and save it on your android phone. 

Dropbox works similar to Google photos app. Dropbox provides you 2 GB of free space to save your files, photos, videos and other things. Dropbox also provides a feature where it saves Gallery photos and videos automatically to dropbox. In case you lose them from your Android phone then you can still get back them from dropbox. You simply need to open the Dropbox app on your phone and select the pics and videos that you want back on your android phone or tablet. Save them in your Gallery. 

recover pics from dropbox

Method 3: Recover deleted pictures from Old Backup of phone or tablet

Photos, videos or other files can also be recovered from backups of the phone if you have ever taken from any data backup software. You can install the backup from your computer to your Android phone or tablet to get back deleted photos or files on your phone. There are many apps and software available on internet through which you can take backup of your Android phone and save it on ur computer. In case of any mistake you can install that backup on your phone to get back everything. 

You can make use of SuperBackup and Restore app from Google Play to backup your android data. You can restore at any point of time to recover deleted pics from Android phone. 

superbackup and restore

You can backup individual things as well such as SMS, apps, contacts, call logs, Calendars, bookmarks and other things. You can restore them on your android device whenever you want. Hopefully these methods will help you out in recovering your deleted pics from android phone. You can track android phone using our helpful guide. You can also find android phone using methods without apps. Have a look.