Top 10 Best Snapchat Saver Apps (Android/iPhone) 2019

Many people want to save Snapchat stories and pics which they like while browsing. They don’t want to let the sender know about this. However it’s not possible through Snapchat. However there are number of Snapchat Saver Apps for iPhone/Android on their respective stores which will help you save favorite stories and photos on Snapchat 2019. You can download every other stuff videos/photos/stories using these apps on Snapchat. These apps are some of the best and top rated Snapchat Saver Apps 2019.

You can even take screenshots of the images that you like using these apps and it won’t let the sender know about the screenshot taken. Let’s have a look at best saver apps in 2019 till now.

List of Best Snapchat Saver Apps 2019

1. SnapSaver (Android)

SnapSaver is one of the best Snapchat saver app 2019. SnapSaver captures screenshot and record videos on Snapshot anonymously. The app is very simple and elegant. You have the option for screenshots and recording videos in the same session. You don’t require any login credentials or any kind of registration for this app to work. It works in chat and has features like auto save. You can view the taken screenshots in your gallery. It won’t give you any notifications. Download the SnapSaver app and enjoy its features.

2. SaveStory (Android)

SaveStory is one of the top Snapchat saver apps 2019. It’s quite famous due to its elegant and simple interface with lots of features. It’s considered as best screenshot taker and screen recording app for SnapChat. It works in almost all the phones. You can check screenshots and video recording in your gallery. It also doesn’t send you any notification. This app keeps on taking screenshots with HQ recording. Trimming video feature is also present inside this app. You can record video with audio as well. Download the app now to enjoy all its features.

3. SnapKeep for SnapChat (iPhone/iPad)

SnapKeep is also one of the top apps which is able to take screenshots quickly and record videos on Snapchat. You can open SnapChat from this app as well. It will also remember the password. SnapKeep app is totally ad free. You can quickly take screenshots from videos posted by your friends. You can save unlimited photos and videos in your gallery without letting the sender know about it. Take the screenshots or record videos and check them out in your gallery. Download the app to get all the features.

4. SnapBox (iPhone/iPad)

SnapBox is a great app to save all the photos from SnapChat. You can save all snaps sent by your friend without letting them know. SnapBox will download the image and save it in your gallery. You can check them out anytime in your phone gallery. Download SnapBox app and save all your favorite pics in your gallery.

5. Private Screenshots App (Android)

Private screenshots is yet another great app for SnapChat users. They can use this app to take screenshots of pictures that they like on SnapChat without letting the sender know. Private screenshots captures the image secretly without allowing chat app to detect it. Private screenshot doesn’t send you any notifications for capturing the image. The photos will be saved in the private screenshot directory. You can check all the saved images by visiting this apps directory. Download the app now and have fun saving pics on SnapChat.

6. SnapGrab Screenshot Tool for Android

SnapGrab Screenshot app is a great tool or app to take screenshot of favorite photos on SnapChat. It doesn’t require any kind of registration or login to take screenshots of the pics. It provides a feature called Auto save and it works with the SnapChat chat perfectly. It can take screenshots secretly and saves them in your gallery. It won’t give you any notifications for taking screenshots. You can check taken screenshots in your Android phone’s gallery.

7. SnapCrack Free App for iPhone/iPad

SnapCrack app is one of the best SnapChat Saver app 2019 for iPhone/iPad. It works great with iOS 12/iOS 11/iOS 10. It saves photos and stories without letting the sender know. The app supports both photos and videos and you can save them without any difficulty. You can also add stickers and draw on your pics. All the snaps will be saved in the gallery. Download this app and check out its features.

8. SnapSave for SnapChat (Android)

SnapSave is yet another great app which will help you save images, videos, chat and games without letting any app or sender know about it. It takes all screenshots anonymously. SnapSave has great feature of attaching the name of your friend on taken screenshots. It will help you save according to your friends. This feature will also help you manage files easily if you are taking lots of screenshots.

9. SnapStories Downloader (Android)

SnapStories downloader is a great app to download stories and photos on SnapChat. It saves all downloaded photos and videos directly to your gallery. It doesn’t require any kind of login and registration. One of the best features of this app is to record phone screen even when you are playing games continuously. You can take screenshots and record videos simultaneously. Install the SnapStories app and download photos/stories from SnapChat.

10. Snap Save (Android)

Snap Save for Android has similar features to those mentioned above. You can capture screenshots and record videos simultaneously. It doesn’t require any registration or login. It saves all pics/videos in your gallery. It doesn’t let the sender know that you have taken screenshots of their pics. Snap Save has auto save features which works great with chat on SnapChat. You can check out everything saved in Android phone gallery.

These are some of the best 10 apps for SnapChat to save stories and photos in your gallery. If you liked the article and downloaded an app for yourself then don’t forget to like and share the video.