Transfer Text Messages from Android To Computer

Text messages are still very popular among people on Android phones. We chat a lot on apps like Whatsapp, Google duo, Skype, Hike etc.. but text messages are also happening a lot. We get important text messages from our friends, family members and other beloved ones including companies text message. Few of these text messages are very important which contains confidential messages or memorable lines that you don’t want to forget. We want to save it as long as possible. Every Android phone has functions and limits. One single mistake and every message will be wiped out from phone. It’s very necessary to take back up of text messages from time to time from Android phone to computer. 

Transferring text messages from Android to computer is a very easy process. We can make use of some softwares or apps which will easily transfer our important text messages or all the messages to our PC. We can even back up other important things like contacts, transfer of photos, documents using these software. 

Let’s check out some of the methods to transfer text message from android to PC: 

1. Transfer SMS from Android to Computer with Official PC Suite

Every Android phone company releases its official PC suite to help you out in recovery and back up of your phone data which includes everything from contacts to music or video files. You can download this PC suite from their official website. It’s available for most of the companies. We are giving direct links to few of these official PC suites to transfer SMS from Android to PC. 

Software is available for both Windows and Macbook. Once you install it then you can manage everything on your phone through this software. You can take backup or install recovery back into the phone. Everything can be saved separately on your computer. 

Here are some official PC suits to transfer SMS and manager phone :

  1. HTC Sync Manager
  2. Huawei PC Suite
  3. Sony Xperia PC Suite
  4. LG PC Suite
  5. MI Pc suite ( for Xiomi, Redmi phones)
  6. Motorola Device Manager

pc suite sms transfer

If your Android phone company isn’t offering any PC suite to manage your phone then you can make use of 3rd party software to manager your phone and take back up of messages to computer. 

2. Transfer Text Messages from Android to Computer using PhotoTrans

Phototrans is a very well known software which is used for transfer of data from mobile phones to computer. You can transfer data from Android and iPhone to computer using PhotoTrans. You can take full backup of the phone or even a single part of it like SMS or contacts. 

You need to download and install the PhotoTrans on your PC first. Download PhotoTrans for Windows here and Macbook Here. Install the file once download completes. 

transfer sms from android to pc

Once you connect the phone then your device name will be shown on the screen. You can then click on “Back Up Your Phone“. You can select which options to save. If you want to save text messages then you should check the box in front of it. You have other options such as contacts, calendar, call logs, photos, music, videos, apps etc… Once you select then click on “Start Transfer”. 

sms transfer from phone to pc

If at any point of time anything gets deleted from your phone then you should connect the phone and open PhotoTrans. Select your device and click on “Restore from Backups“.

3. How to Transfer Text Messages from Phone to Computer using MobiKin Android Assistant Software

Mobikin Assistant for Android is a really good software for transferring SMS from Android phone to computer. You can transfer your favorite messages or the whole SMS folder in your computer. Beside these you can transfer and save other things such as music and video files in your PC. Mobikin Assistant is available for both Windows and Macbook

Step 1: Download and install the program on your computer. Open the program. Connect your Android device to computer using USB. USB debugging must be enabled on your Android phone. Once your phone is recognized by the software then you will see a screen just like below:

transfer sms from android to computer

Step 2: Choose the SMS folder from the left hand side panel. All text messages will appear on the screen. You can choose either selected ones or the whole folder itself. Select and click export on the top options. It will export text messages to computer. 

transfer message to pc

4. How to Transfer Text Messages from Android to Computer with Android Manager

Android manager is one of the best software to manager your android device from computer. It can take backup of your entire phone, install recovery, take individual backup of text messages, video,music, documents etc… It’s available for both iOS and Android operating system.

Follow the steps given below:

  1. Download and install Android Manager on your PC or Macbook. 
  2. Connect your android phone to computer using USB cable or Wi-fi connection or bluetooth.
  3. Make sure USB debugging is turned on if your phone isn’t being detected by the program.

transfer sms to mac

4. Select SMS from the left hand side panel. All messages will be shown on the screen. Select your desired text messages to be saved on the computer. 

5. Click on export from the top option in the program. Select a local folder on the next screen and transfer text message to computer. 

Beside the above methods you can make use of certain android apps such as lost android phone then you should check our guide to find android phone with apps and without apps.