Unlock Android With Android Device Manager

People set up pattern lock, PIN lock and password on their android devices such as mobiles and tablets to keep their devices secure. Pattern lock and passwords are the most common methods to secure the phone. It also makes sure that no body else has access to your phone even if they have it. If you don’t have any one of these enabled then you should enable it right now to tighten up your security as your android device contains a lot of personal info such as photos, mail, apps, may be your credit and debit card info as well. You don’t want anyone else to access it.

There are many people who forget their pattern or password. It creates a huge trouble for them as they can’t get access to their android phone. The last thing that they can do is to hard boot the phone which erases everything. However this thing can be avoided by unlocking your device with Android device manager. 

Below methods will work only if you have enabled Android device manager beforehand. 

Here’s how to unlock your Android Device using Android Device Manager:

  1. Visit Android Device Manager official website for sign in. 
  2. Sign in using Google account which was used for the android device which is locked.
  3. If there are multiple devices shown after sign in then select the one which is locked. 
  4. Select “Lock” option. 
  5. Type in a temporary password in the windows that appears. Don’t type in any message. It’s not required. Now click on “Lock” again. 
  6. If everything goes well then you will see another screen with options such as “Erase” “Ring” and “Lock”. 
  7. Check out your phone now. You will see a screen where you have to enter a password. Type the temporary password that you entered earlier in the above steps. 
  8. It will now unlock your phone immediately. 
  9. You should now go to your phone’s lock settings and disable the temporary password.

unlock android device manager

Unlock Android Devices having Version 4.4 and Below

Android phones and tablets having Android 4.4 and lower versions have a faster method to unlock phone using the phone itself. Suppose your forget your pattern lock or password and you entered the wrong password 5 times then you will see a screen like below:

Pattern lock unlock adm

Here are steps to unlock your android device using this method:

  1. Click on Forgot Pattern/Password 5 to 10 times. You will get another screen. 
  2. It will now ask for a “Backup PIN” or your “Google Account Credentials” or gmail credentials. 
  3. If you have remember any one of above then enter on the screen. People normally remember their Google account info. Simply enter it into the screen. 
  4. Your Android phone will be unlocked immediately. 

Unlock Your Device Using Find My Mobile app by Samsung

This method only works if you have a Samsung Phone and you created a Samsung account. You can make use of Find My Mobile app of Samsung to unlock your Samsung Android Device very easily.

Find My Mobile Samsung Unlock adm

Follow the steps below to unlock your Samsung Phone:

  1. Go to Samsung Find My Mobile Official Website.
  2. Sign in using Samsung credentials. 
  3. You will see your registered android devices on the left hand side on the interface that appears. 
  4. Check out the left hand side. You will see the option “Unlock my screen”. Click on it. 
  5. Click on “Unlock” and wait for sometimes until the process is finished. 
  6. A notification will appear saying your phone screen is now unlocked. 
  7. You can now set up a fresh screen lock for your Samsung phone. 

If above methods don’t work for you then you need to go for more advanced methods. There are 2 more methods that will surely work for you. It doesn’t matter what brand of android phone you have, these 2 methods can be applied. Here they are: 

  1. “Erase” your Android device using Android Device Manager. 
  2.  Reset Android Phone to Factory settings using Recovery Mode. 

Erase AndroidIf you have Android device manager enabled on your phone and first method did’t work out for you then you can try erasing your android device. However you need to know that Erase option will delete everything on your phone. All the apps, contacts, photos, videos etc will be deleted at once. SD card contents won’t be deleted. Select your device in the ADM Interface and click on Erase. It will erase your Android device. (Make sure your Phone is connected to internet otherwise this method won’t work.)

Reset Android Phone to Factory Settings – Every Android phone and tablets have recovery mode which can be activated while power starting the device. Sometimes different manufacturers have different ways to reach factory settings. Check out this official page from Google to go to support website of your brand. Check this page out for resetting using recovery mode.

In case you lost your phone then you don’t need to search for terms like Locate My android etc to find your phone. You can use the RING option from Android device manager to find your phone immediately. Hopefully above methods will help you out.