Where Do You Find Downloads Folder on Android Phone?

We like to download our favorite movies, songs, games and other files from the internet on our android devices. There are multiple ways to download files on android phones and tablets. However the most common way to download files is through browser and certain apps. Once the download is completed, the downloaded file is sent to the “Downloads Folder”. You can also see a message like “go to downloads” to see the recently downloaded files on the android device. 

Many people are unable to find the “Downloads Folder” on their android devices. File is downloaded but they can’t find it on their phone or tablet. There are many ways through which you can know about the downloaded files or the “downloads folder” where file was saved saved after download. We are going to tell you few easy ways that you can look to find your favorite file on your android device. 

 1. Android File Manager 

The first option that you want to look for is the Android file manager. You will be having an app called as FILE MANAGER in your apps. Click on menu and find the file manager app. “File manager is available in most of the android devices. If you don’t have “File Manager” app then you should download a “file manager” app from the Google play store. You can download “File Manager app from ASUS Computers”  It’s a good app to look for files in your device. 

Open the file manager app that you just downloaded. You should check for “phone storage” and “SD Card ” inside the app.  Click the phone storage and check for downloads folder. If you file is not there inside the downloads folder of the phone storage then you should the downloads folder of the SD card which is external memory that you have attached. You will find your file in one of these options. 

File manager go to downloads

Next time you download a file then you should directly go the downloads folder where your previously found the file. 

2. Open Pre-installed Download App on Android

In many android devices you will find a pre-installed “Downloads App”. You should check for Downloads app in your android phone or tablet to look for the file that you just downloaded. There is a chance that the downloaded file is present there that you are looking for.

go to downloads folder

3. Connect to Computer (PC or Macbook)

Another best way to find your downloaded files is by connecting your device to the computer. You can connect it to either Windows computer or Macbook. You can connect your android phone or tablet using the USB cable of the charger. If you are on Macbook then you should download android file transfer tool from Android website. If any notifications appear on your computer or android screen asking as “what to do” then you should check or click for “file transfer” option. 

Go to my computer or open finder. Probably you will see your android device being connected to the computer. Open it and you will see “Phone Storage” and “SD Card or External Storage” option. Check the downloads folder in both the storages and find your file. You can even copy the file to your computer. You can even cut, copy or paste from phone to SD card or vice versa.

go to downloads android

4. Whatsapp Downloads Location and Certain other Apps location

Certain apps such as Whatsapp and others download the file in their specified “downloads folder”. You won’t find these downloaded files in the “Downloads folder” of the SD card or phone storage. You should first find out the Whatsapp folder in the phone storage or SD card of android device. Open the Whatsapp folder or the app which you are looking for. Now find the downloads folder inside the Whatsapp folder. You will get your downloaded files into these folders. 

find whatsapp downloads

Inside the folder Audios, videos and Images are separated in different folders. You should check the appropriate folder. If you were searching for any other app then you should check the folder for the same inside the phone storage or SD card. 

Overall, You should first check out the SD card to look for “Go to downloads” messages. Find the downloads folder and check if your file is there or not. Most probably you will find your downloaded file inside the folder. Above method is valid for Android tablets as well. The methods are also applicable for phones such as Samsung, HTC, Moto, Karbonn, Micromax, VIVO, Redmi, Oppo, Intex, Nokia.